Q&A with Robert Ferguson

Here's how Packers wide receiver Robert Ferguson responded to questions from the media during the recent June minicamp in Green Bay:<p>

Q: Do you feel like a starter after going through the two minicamps?

Ferguson: "I felt like a starter last year. That's the mentality that I have whether I'm seventh on the roster or whatever. You just have to have that mentality like you're a starter. You just have to go out there and work hard like you're a starter.

"When I wasn't taking reps last year, I was right there behind the guys who were first string as if I was a starter. My mindset has always been the same."

What can fans expect from you this year?

Ferguson: "When the lights come on and the adrenaline is pumping you go even further. Hopefully during the season I'll be able to show how I can help the team and what I can do. I think I fit in with the offense very good."

How do you know that?

Ferguson: "I haven't reached my full potential at all. Like I said, I'm at the bottom. I'm going to take it upon myself that I can improve."

Have you ever had any doubts about your ability?

Ferguson: "If I was thinking that, I wouldn't have busted my tail every day in practice. I just took it as an opportunity to show coach (Sherman) and prove to my teammates that I can play."

Is your comfort level any different this year?

Ferguson: "I'm the same player that I was in the latter part of last season. I'm the exact same player now. I'm just doing it within our offense, doing the right routes and things like that."

Did the hamstring injury that you suffered in practice after the Jacksonville game last year hinder your chance to make impact?

Ferguson: "I know I would have had a chance to do some things. But that's life."


Ferguson: "I was already frustrated."

Do you feel you could have been an impact player if you were starting last year, if given the chance?

"I don't know. The guys that we had did a great job. I'll leave it at that. I'm worried about being an impact player and starter this year. That's my concern right now."

How has it been going in practice with Brett Favre?

"He knows that for us to be successful we have to be on the same page with him. That's what we're trying to do. We're trying to get on the same page with Brett."

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