Packer profile: Nick Collins

Safety has always admired Emmitt Smith

Name: Nick Collins
Height: 6-foot-0
Weight: 200
Age: 22 (August 16, 1983)
NFL Exp.: 2
Packers Exp.: Rookie
Acquired: D2a-05

Nickname: "Nick"

Favorite breakfast cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Favorite music: "I love gospel and R&B. No one in particular. I love everybody."

Favorite movie: "Life"

Hobbies and interests: "I like to eat, go to movies and bowling. When I'm home, I'll go fishing."

Favorite TV shows: "Basically ESPN. That's about it."

Favorite video game: Madden

Favorite sport other than football: "Baseball. That was my first sport before I got into football. I played centerfield (in high school)."

Favorite sports heroes: "Emmitt Smith. I like the way he carried himself, the way he played the game, the passion he had for the game. I just loved the way he carried himself around people."

Roommate on the road: Marviel Underwood

Early football memories: "My father (Willie) played football and he was my coach once I started playing football. I was six (years old)."

Biggest influence growing up: "My parents played a key role, but I give all thanks to my Lord and Savior."

Best part of being in the NFL: "The lifestyle, and the role that we play in people's lives. Going out and competing against one another."

Welcome to the NFL moment: "It was on a kickoff, I forget what game it was. I got a ‘crack back' (block), and I was like, ‘Whoa.' That made me realize I was in the NFL. That was early in the season."

Pregame routine: My routine is to come in here (locker room), get ready, warm up, come back in, get in the hot tub. Then I come over here (to his locker). I read my Bible, and get ready for the game."

How do you unwind after a game? "I think about what went on out on the field. I play the game over and over again in my head, and try to correct it before we come in and watch film."

Advice to kids: "Stay in school, get your education, and go from there."

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