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Thompson deserves an 'A' for draft
I haven't seen you post any letters or comments from fans. What is everyone thoughts behind the draft? I think Thompson had himself a good one (give him an A) with all the moves/trades he made on Saturday and Sunday.

I am sure a lot of you that doubted Thompson are rethinking yourselves. Now the question is can McCarthy coach this young group. I am glad we drafted a QB on the second day, during the Sherman era we didn't do that, and now during the Thompson era we will be doing that, and it's necessary even if down the road you trade him (see Hasselback, Brooks, Brunnell) it's good to constantly develop QB's.

How about the drafting of A.J. Hawk, and Abdul Hodge? Now they will join Nick Barnett, and that's got to strike fear on offenses it's like going back to the 1960's LB's. I am glad they made trades and picked up offensive lineman. Hopefully with the new West Coast style (ala Denver Broncos) they give the QB and RB's time to make plays. I sure would like to add another veteran WR, maybe if Ashley Lelie does become a distraction in Denver maybe they cut him, and we can pick him up.

Your thoughts, Packers Fans.

Lou, LouieM007@aol.com, Coral Springs, FL

Pride matters in NFL and USA
You have hit it right on the head regarding the growing problem in the NFL today ('Oh, to be young and foolish,' May 12, PackerReport.com), but I think it even pervades the entire country. If the youth of today don't acquire that pride and start paying attention, we are all in big trouble.

This pride thing, if you sit back and look, might be one of the big reasons why Hawk was selected over Davis. Think about it.

Brian S. Nylaan, D.D.S., P.C., bnylaan2@comcast.net

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