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Here is a profile on Green Bay Packers defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, which was published in Packer Report last November:

Off-season residence: Green Bay, Wis.

Marital status: Married on Oct. 12, 2001, to Eileen Bermundo. Eileen was his strength coach after he left San Diego State. Vehicle: Chevy Blazer

Hobbies/interests: "Spend time with my wife. Hang with my dog, Nala. Baby sit and dog sit for Ahman Green, so my dog can have her ‘boyfriend' over."

Favorite food: Italian

Favorite meal: "My wife's lasagna."

Favorite breakfast cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios

Favorite music: Michael Jackson or any gospel music

Favorite TV show: "Star Trek"

Favorite movie: "Lion King" "It's how I got Nala's name. I just really liked that movie. It touched me."

Favorite sport other than football: "Boxing. I liked watching Muhammad Ali. He made it look good. It's just a one-on-one type of deal."

Favorite football play? "Dime situations. Any dime plays where I get to go out on the corner and have that one-on-one with the offensive tackle."

Favorite sports heroes: "Muhammad Ali. I started watching him when I was little."

Nickname: "'KGB"

Roommate on road: Ahman Green

Closest friends on team: "Ahman Green and I'm getting to know Gilbert Brown."

First car: "1990 Plymouth Voyager. I had it in my senior year in college."

First job: "Working as a plumber's assistant with my dad."

How would you describe your work ethic? "I try to do my best to work hard. I try to do my very best. I always give it my best."

Do anything special with first signing bonus? "I put it into a variable annuity."

Early football memory: "Getting my first sack. I was 12 years old."

Vivid football memory: "When we were playing against the Minnesota Vikings (Nov. 6, 2000), I didn't do anything, but just watching and praying to God and just seeing Him answer my prayers during that game when Antonio Freeman caught the ball (in overtime and scored the winning touchdown). That's a memory that will always stand out in my mind. That's when I really found out what the power of prayer is., that he does care about every aspect of your life, even the football game."

Who influenced you the most while growing up? "My parents."

Pet peeves: "I don't really have any pet peeves."

What do you plan to do after football? "Serve God in a different avenue. Whatever God calls me to do, just use me anyway He wants me. Anything I can do to increase His kingdom and help Him. It's up to Him. God is in control."

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