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McCarthy has to handle media better
I get the feeling that Mike McCarthy is not very media savvy yet. He could have avoided all this hoopla and all the questions about Brett if he'd just been open and upfront about it and said Brett wouldn't practice Monday. Or he could have made it known that Brett would miss some practices. He brings on a lot of this frustration himself. Mike and Ike need to realize that their arrogance in saying nothing leads to bigger problems. I would have thought they would have learned this while waiting for Brett's decision on playing.

Ingrid Adams, packergirl@jefnet.com, Jefferson, WI

Big turnaround is very possible
The early prognosticators are already burying Green Bay before mini-camps are even done. A couple stats have got me excited about the coming season. Here is some food for thought: In 1998, the St. Louis Rams go 4-12, and the next year they go 13-3 and win the Super Bowl. That year the Baltimore Ravens go 8-8, and the next year they go 12-4 and win the Super Bowl. That year the NE Patriots go 5-11 the next year they go 11-5 and win the Super Bowl. Come Sunday in Autumn when the winds of change can be felt, bring on the football and anything can happen. That's why they play the game.

Jaye Bakalars, Jaye.bakalars@us.army.mil, Stationed/Overseas

Many reasons to be optimistic with Packers
Dear Todd,
Wait and See. These were my words in a previous letter to the editor. In addition, I somewhat blasted Ted Thompson by saying that he wasn't doing much in free agency. I must admit that I was wrong. Ted did not throw away money in free agency. He did however sign two potential helpers on the defense, Marquand Manuel and Charles Woodson.

Then came Draft Day and he got busy free wheeling and dealing to wind up with 12 picks.

He reminds me of Ron Wolf who felt you build championship teams through the draft. In addition he brought in "his man" Mike McCarthy to make a good team into a Championship team. Again it's wait and see time, but after watching the free agency and draft moves, I think the Packer Faithful can be optimistic.

Dr. Vince Winter, vwdoc504@Yahoo.com, Minnetonka, MN

Enough negative talk about Brett Favre, already!
I guess other people have nothing else to do BUT to talk about Brett, mostly bad as far as I can see! ALL of the news reports that I have seen lately is to talk about Brett, putting the man down, talk about his interceptions last year, that Brett is too OLD, and on and on without even talking to Brett, without talking to the team, without ever giving the man a chance to redeem himself! We already know the truth. We already know that the Packers no longer have the injuries of last year, but yet they judge just one man, one team. I had to look in the Green Bay Press as to the reason why Brett missed out on practice on Monday. I already know that the Packers have a shot at the playoffs this year, but others seem to laugh at that idea! Even the experts are saying, "Are You Kidding Me?" It must be nice not having anything else to do in life than to talk about Brett and his mistakes! Or say "No Way Green Bay"

Let's have no misunderstandings, I respect most of the views, but there are some that are just downright STUPID! I guess judging the Packers on what they did last year gives them the right to knock down Brett and the Packers. I often wonder, "Are We Allowed To Lash Back At These Experts?" In closing I guess what the experts are saying is we should believe them like Gods! Or go, "Oh, wait a minute, maybe just maybe what they're saying isn't true!!" I do know this: Brett is a HALL OF FAME QUARTERBACK who came out of nowhere, and that no one has ever heard of before! He has proven himself over and over again. The finest quarterback in NFL History!!!!

Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Hendersonville, N.C.

Not every player a choir boy in NFL
There seems to be a lot of NFL players getting into trouble these days. These four stories recently made ESPN NEWS HEADLINES:

ESPN.com - NFL - Redskins safety Taylor has deal to avoid jail time
ESPN.com - NFL - Plummer enters not guilty plea in road rage case
ESPN.com - NFL - Bengals LB Nicholson to face charges in Florida
ESPN.com - NFL - Seahawks defensive end Fisher charged with assault

In addition, there was a poll concerning Ricky Williams.

Other recent reports include:

ESPN.com - NFL - Browns' RB Droughns heads to court in domestic violence case
ESPN.com - NFL - 2 Vikings plead guilty in boat party case
ESPN.com - NFL - Bears' Ricky Manning pleads not guilty to Los Angeles assault
Packers News - Packers rookie arrested after brawl

Is the dark side of the NFL growing? Are the players out of control? With all this going on, why was there so much concern over Marcus Vick?

Ken Parrish, KenParrish53@aol.com, Lynchburg, VA

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