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Professionals, Professionalism, Prima Donnas, and Practice
Dear Packer Report:
1) professionals and professionalism: professional status, methods, character or standards (implied to be traits exhibited by a professional)

2) prima donna: a tempermental, conceited person

Let's do a word association using only the above two words. Associate the following players into one of the two above categories: A.J. Hawk versus Rod Gardner, Al Harris, Charles Woodson, and Ryan Pickett.

Here is a hint: Hawk skips graduation after completing classes so he can race north to get to practice at his earliest opportunity.

Where are the rest of these buttheads? I am not optimistic about their ability to contribute their best to the team this year or consistently in the future.

So are we to assume the no shows taking a correspondence course on how to be Green Bay Packers under Mike McCarthy's new system? In my mind, if their cumulative virtual Wonderlic score plus their professional ethics were gas, it wouldn't provide enough gas to power an ant's motorcycle around a BB.

In addition throw in Al Harris with the rest of the alumni dopes who think that not only is their signature not their bond, but that the contract he signed is just a baseline to start whining from to demand more money based on whatever new number he pulls out of thin air (or some other unmentionable place). When Harris shows up, how do the Packers find a helmet big enough for this latest Mike McKenzie (or Javon Walker ... pick one) incarnation...? (Say, how many Pro Bowls has McKenzie been in since he left?)

One last word: practice: repeated performance of an activity in order to learn or perfect a skill. So when these so called professionals do show up, how much will their lack of practice with the rest of the team hurt Mike McCarthy's and the Green Bay faithful's campaign? Rather than issue them a red jersey or other team uniform, perhaps the arrogant absentees should wear green and gold tutus for their first days so the rest of the squad will understand they are the "special" players that don't need to practice to be TEAM professionals.

We can only hope that things will come together for Mike's and our team, but then we already know: Hope is NOT a method! What we do know is this: Good luck is what happens when preparation (or practice) meets opportunity. Right now all the absent prima donnas are practicing are arrogance and conceit.

Gregg Petersen, Sig29@aol.com, Columbia, MD

Not all of Favre's interceptions were his fault
With all the talk about Farve's interceptions last year, I'm just curious to find out, has anybody even checked to see how many were tipped or pulled out of a receiver's hands? Granted Favre did throw a lot of bad passes, but how many were really his fault.

The way I see it if a receiver doesn't hold onto the ball, it's not Favre's fault. If Favre has his receiver go up for the ball and he tips it instead of catching it and it goes into the defender's hands, to me that is not a real Favre interception. Its more like a team interception because he put it where the receiver should have caught it. I think there should be a distinction between types of interceptions. Maybe they can call them, QB interceptions and Team interceptions, when the receiver was partially to blame, just like when they throw it up for grabs at the end of the half or game trying to score a touchdown. To me it's kind of frustrating, when a ball bounces of the chest of a receiver and goes into the hands of the defender and the QB gets the blame. Just a thought. Anyway I can't wait for the season to begin.

Joe Kempski, animal70@att.net, Tempe AZ

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