Daryn Colledge Q&A

Daryn Colledge, taken in the second round of the recent NFL draft by the Green Bay Packers, has been working at left guard with the first-team offense for most of this off-season, including the current Organized Team Activities practices at Clarke Hinkle Field.

Colledge will enter training camp with the inside track at the starting position at left guard ahead of veteran Adrian Klemm. The North Pole, Alaska, native took a timeout after practice today to answer questions from PackerReport.com's Todd Korth:

Q: How have the Organized Team Activities practices been going for you?
It's been going good. I'm a lot more comfortable in it. Now it's about getting the little things right and getting perfection, so I know where I'm going on almost every play all the time. Now it's about doing it the right way and going as fast as I can.

Q: How would you compare the mini-camps and current OTA's to college and spring practices?
It's a whole different experience. It's similar in the fact that you come in, do your practice for the day and you're out, but the intensity level is so much more.

Q: Did you wear pads during spring practices at Boise State?
Yes, we wore pads and that's one of the biggest changes. Still, the practices have been unbelievably physical. It's almost like you're playing full speed out there. You just can't cut anybody, or wrong-shoulder anybody.

Q: What has been the biggest adjustment for you so far?
I think technique. I played tackle my whole career at Boise State and now I get to learn a whole new position. The leverage points are a lot different and the techniques are a lot different. It's a whole lot faster than I'm used to, but for me that's the biggest change. I'm starting to make the transition.

Q: Are you excited about having a good chance to start at left guard?
I'm certainly excited that they're giving me the opportunity to get in there and play with the ones, and they're giving me the opportunity to earn the spot. That's all I can ask. They're giving me the opportunity to be a successful player and it's kind of on my shoulders to do something with it.

Q: How has life as a rookie been for you so far?
Well, you wish you had more experience. You wish you had more money, but other than that, it's what you might expect as a rookie. We've got a great locker room. The O-line, the older guys, have accepted us in with open arms and have said, ‘Hey, you're our guys.' It's been great.

Q: What do you do after practice Wednesday and the start of training camp July 28?
Well, the rookies have to be here through Friday, so we're going to be doing our own little deal and get some extra work in, which we need. Then I'm going to spend some extra time with my wife and her family and go to a family reunion. I'm going to go back to (North Pole) Alaska and say ‘Hi' to everybody, then say ‘By' to everybody and start the season.

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