Favre ranked No. 7 among QBs

According to a rankings system used by cbs.sportsline.com, Brett Favre is ranked as the seventh-best quarterback in the NFL. I've been a Favre fan since I could pronounce and spell his name, but c'mon.

He threw 29 picks last year, and in the National Football League, it's all about what you've done lately. This poll, however, doesn't consider that. Here's the QBs rated ahead of Favre:

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, Ben Roehtlisberger, Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick. Those coming after Favre are Matt Hasselbeck, Trent Green and Eli Manning.

I hope Favre proves this poll right, but this is based on a Hall of Fame career, not on what he's done recently.

Two other problems I have with the poll:

Peyton Manning ahead of Brady? Who has three Super Bowl rings? Three!!! Brady is the best until Manning at least wins one Super Bowl. Brady continues to get overlooked, if that's possible. Vick ahead of Hasselbeck? Who has a Super Bowl appearance? Hasselbeck isn't flashy like Vick, but he's better. Vick's potential is great, but he isn't right now.

Doug Ritchay

Editor's note: Doug Ritchay is a longtime sportswriter and former Packers beat writer for the Green Bay News-Chronicle. E-mail at dritchay@sbcglobal.net.

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