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Thoughts on rankings, greedy athletes
Steve Lawrence,
Interesting perspectives (July 1, "News and views on Barnett, Harris")

Rankings: A great intellectual exercise that means absolutely nothing but gives us something to kick around going into the season. Remember, another set of football ratings recently published? Brazil was No. 1, the Czech Republic was No. 2 and the U.S. was No. 4. The only rating that had some credibility was the No. 1 rating. But with the final four decided for the World Cup Sunday, none of those three are in the final four. With regard to the Pro Football weekly rankings, as much as I hate to admit it, Brett is not No. 4. Ahman's status has yet to be seen and Donald is better than No. 26.

Salaries … two thoughts:

1. Industry is rife with examples of bums or lesser performers being paid more than heroes. There are penalties for the heroes backing out of contracts to make as much as the highly paid bums. I keep toying with the idea that us shareholders should sue those of our Packer employees that fail to honor their contracts and deny us our legally negotiated rights as fans.

2. There is another disgruntled athlete today in the news in my neighborhood, but I would take his attitude any day over the greed of Al Harris. Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards this week made a demand of sorts through the media to be traded.... Not the Harris/McKenzie/Walker/Owens snivel that he isn't a big enough millionaire, but Gilbert said that if the Wizards failed to become a winner, he wants to be traded. This was not the most important aspect of the story for this player who gives his jersey to a fan after every game.

Gilbert has volunteered to take a salary cut so the Wizards can pick up a free agent to become a winner. Motivation: Gibert wants to WIN! Harris' only motivation is greed ... being a lesser millionaire.

I imagine you recall other Packers in the last few years to include Brett who allowed their contracts to be restructured to build a better team. Harris' "me first" attitude is for losers. Maybe Al should call Kobe Bryant and Shaq to figure out which one came out on the better end of Kobe's me-first versus the team attitude; maybe Kobe doesn't care as long as he makes a lot of money. For athletes like Kobe and Al Harris, being a professional athlete has nothing to do with the team or winning.

Gregg Petersen, Sig29@aol.com, Columbia, MD

Packers should go after Ashley Lelie
Why not give this man a shot? He is a fine wide receiver! If he wants to part ways with the Broncos, there is still plenty of time to observe people. There should be no rush!


Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Hendersonville, N.C.

Seeking a fearless prediction
Hey, Harry!
This time last year when many fans were talking 11-5, 10-6,and 9-7, you nailed it! You told us not to get our hopes too high. Do you see this season much like the last one?

Jacques, Gameday26@wmconnect.com, (Die-hard in Indiana)

After really taking a good look at the schedule, I believe the Packers will go 8-8. Trust me, I wanted to say 9-7, but I can't. Even though this team only went 4-12 last year I believe there is a lot of room for improvement. I think with smarter coaching this team won't make the same mistakes and will have better game-time management which will give it three more wins. Then I can't see Brett playing as bad, which will give the Packers another win and that will put them at 8-8. Of course injuries will play a part, but I believe regardless of what happens, 8-8 sounds about right, or at least they won't be any worse.


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