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Here are some letters received from Green Bay Packers fans by PackerReport.com and Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth. E-mail your thoughts on the Packers to Korth at packrepted@aol.com. Letters are posted on PackerReport.com each Friday.

Questions will soon be answered
A couple of questions: Will it be possible for Favre to break Marino's TD record and passing record this season? The second one is that I know that you said that the Packers will end up 8-8, but if they start off hot in the beginning part of the season, is it possible to do better than that if they avoid major injuries to their key players during the season? The last one is that will Al Harris give up his hold out? He's got a good deal when we gave that new contract two years ago. Will the Pack give in or trade him or do something?

Joe Ballweg, j_o_e_y_1_2000@yahoo.com, Prairie du Sac, WI

There is a good chance that Favre will break Marino's TD record this season. Marino has 420 TD passes and Favre has 396. He won't top Marino in passing yards this season. Marino is far ahead - 61,361 to 53,615.

If the Packers start out hot and avoid major injuries, of course, I think they will be better than 8-8. But those are two big IF's.:)

I also think Harris will report for the start of training camp. He has made it clear to the Packers that he wants to renegotiate his contract.

Todd Korth

Packers' chances of winning NFC North are great!
Dear Packer Report,
I'm a 16-year-old Packer Backer from California (the idea that the only "real" Packer fans live in Wisconsin is utterly ridiculous!) who has been following the Packers (the only believer in my family) since I was 6. Heading into the 2006 season I thought I'd share some of my thoughts about the NFC North Division. The situation is not as gloom n' doom as everyone makes it out to be. I think the Packers have had the best off-season of the other teams to date. Let's look at those ‘others' if you will:

First off, the Vikings. New management managed to completely clean out all remaining talent from their roster. Good-bye Daunte Culpepper, Brian Williams, Corey Chavous, Nate Burleson, and Lance Johnstone. However all they got in return was our very own, Ryan Longwell (no offense Ryan, but if you're going to pay millions for a kicker it should be Adam Vinatieri or Mike Vanderjaect), an exorbitantly priced lineman by the name of Steve Hutchinson, a mediocre RB in Chester Taylor, and Chad Greenway from the draft. Boy, after last this years roster moves and the exodus of Randy Moss, the Viking management is starting to look like the best player on our team!

The Lions spent millions re-signing 11 players from last year's 5-11 squad, that's promising. They didn't lose anyone through free agency, however, their greatest gain was whatever pick they got for Joey Harrington. As for the draft they took a LB the size of an overweight DB with the 9th pick.

Now a look at the hated Chicago Bears. In free agency they went after a fantastic, strong-armed QB in Brian Griese, ha, ha, ha. Their draft was all defense, somehow I don't think that it will help their 31st ranked passing attack.

As for the Pack, they upgraded all levels of their defense with the additions of Ryan Pickett, A.J. Hawk, and Marquand Manuel/Charles Woodson in the secondary. As for the offense, I'm concerned about the WR's but as usual Driver will have an awesome season and Brett seems to have a way of bringing out the best in average receivers, (i.e. Antonio Freeman, and Bill Schroeder). All in all, I think that 9-7 season could be in the cards, and I'm sure they'll put on a great show for us this year!

Kyle Harvey, Fiveharveys@aol.com, Visalia, Ca

Thompson and McCarthy
Dear Packer Report,
I hope Mike McCarthy turns a few heads as a head coach, particularly the skeptics. As a coordinator, his offenses in New Orleans and San Francisco lacked talent to have any sort of firepower, and so he really didn't get eth notoriety. Now had he been with a contending team with a lot of great talent where his system had the opportunity to flourish, then he'd get more notoriety. If the Packers are successful under him, and his system does have the opportunity to flourish, the amount of recognition he'd get then would be enormous.

I hope Ted Thompson knows how to pick the right players. He did a tremendous job in this year's draft, stockpiling extra picks. Where, if he nets McCarthy some immediate starters and gets coached up right, they've got a good chance of panning out and it makes the overall draft look good.

It's all about chemistry. If it comes together, then it can work. If it doesn't, then the Packers are in big trouble.

Jason Vesely, Mosinee, WI

Sydney is absurd; Driver deserves better; Woodson overpaid
I read with interest, almost daily, the Packer Report web page, and Packer web site. Just a few thoughts: Will someone please tell Harry Sydney to put a cork in it. His ramblings on what the players and/or coaches might be thinking is absurd at best and downright ridiculous. He has no better idea what they are thinking or doing than anyone has of what North Korea is trying to accomplish. Do us all a favor and report the facts not fiction. There is no disrespect here, I admire you for who you are and what you have done for the Green and Gold, but I get tired of the fiction.

Going on to the ranking of Donald Driver, he has got to be in the top 15, probably top 12. He's smart, dedicated and a consistent receiver. He runs good routes and is great in the clutch. I also like what I've seen of A.J. Hawk. I hope it works out, he seems to have the right attitude and also seems to be very smart, but let's not get our hopes up too soon.

Last but not least, Charles Woodson was vastly overpaid, what the heck was the Packer brain (sic) trust thinking? He is not nearly as good or consistent as Al Harris, not to mention his penchant for injury. If he was that good, someone else would have signed him first. Thanks for listening.

Tim A. Gratton, eagle55nmd@yahoo.com, Fort Washington, MD

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