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Sydney deserves more respect
I couldn't resist writing after reading an opinion in Letters to the Editor (July 14, PackerReport.com). I am going to do a first here and write a letter in defense of H. Sydney, not that he needs it, but hopefully shed some light and respect to Harry and that some fans are just plain "MORONS" sometimes. To sit back and have to read some of there statements makes me think they are riding there motorcycles without helmets after the accident!!!!

In regards to one non-helmet head fan saying that Harry needs to put a cork in it and doesn't know what coaches or players know what they are thinking is pure stupidity. Look at the facts eagle55 from Fort Washington, MD. Harry was a player and coach for what, at least two-three Super Bowls teams in the Forty Niners & Packers and played for two great coaches in Walsh & Holmgren. If he doesn't have an idea of what coaches and players are thinking, then Hugh Hefner doesn't know what a naked woman looks like.

So do us a fans a favor Harry, "Make My Day" and keep on writing so to educate the common fan, or the Sunday Morning QB, or the want- to-be Bozo who really doesn't know jack about the sport.

Jan Mandel, Janmandel@cox.net, Phoenix, AZ

Packers owe it to Harris
An avid Packer fan for over 50 years, I have enjoyed every moment of it. When I first read about Al Harris being disgruntled with his current salary, I became somewhat irritated. I know I'm from the old school, but when an individual signs and agrees to a contract he should honor it. However, after reading Matt Tevsh's assessment of the situation (July 6, PackerReport.com) I agree, Al Harris does have a legitimate concern. I don't believe in breaking a contract, but I do believe in fairness and justice.

Al Harris has been and continues to be the best defensive player the Packers have. I know this is breaking precedent, but wouldn't the Packers be well served, at this juncture, to do something to show their appreciation for all Al Harris has accomplished as a "shut-down corner?" Will we go through another Mike McKenzie or Javon Walker situation, which does nothing but disrupt the team in many different ways? If Al Harris hadn't been totally committed to his responsibilities and performed in an "all-star" manner, I couldn't support him. I believe Thompson should do something to bring this situation to a quick resolve. Not in the media or papers, but behind the scenes. Incentives? A nice bonus based on a variety of accomplishments? It seems to me, at this point, he is key to bringing our defense up to the next level, with Woodson on the other corner. He should be treated equally to Woodson. Coming from the team could be a bonus over the long haul.

The Packers have enough salary cap to do something. Here is player who, I believe, deserves a "contract equalization." Without a happy Harris, will the defense perform up to the expectations we are all anticipating? I believe the fans should support considerations to make the situation positive. We have had enough negativity. Your thoughts, fans!!!!!

Joe Klimoski, boopa9@MSN.com, Chandler, AZ

Questions for Harry from Vikings fan
Hello Mr. Sydney,
I am a lifelong Vikings fan, and overall NFC North Fan. However, I do enjoy reading your column on Packer Report. I think you give good insight to the Packers organization, fans, and great insight to the team as always. Being a Viking Fan, of course, is important for me to know what is going on with the Pack.

I love the rivalry between the two teams, and living in Iowa we have three distinct fans here. Vikings, Packers, and Bears are all about an even split with a few lost Lions fans. I never really care what team a person roots for as long as they are true to the team through thick and thin. I do not respect the people who are bandwagon jumpers as teams rise and fall in the National Football League.

I will have to admit, that the Packers have the greatest fans of any team. They are the most supportive and believe that anything can happen. They love the Pack, and are a great part of making the North Division an interesting race.

I was glad to see that Brett Favre decided to come back. If you do not respect Brett for the person he is, football player he is, and games he won for the Pack that they would have lost if he was not there it is amazing. I hope the legend plays for a few more years. It is good for the game, and makes for an exciting matchup. I remember when they played the Vikes last year on MNF, and the Vikings were in the right defense, when Favre thru a ball to his right about 30-35 yards that was a direct arrow for a touchdown. It was a seam that truly only maybe Elway, Marino, Moon, could have thrown. Those throws I appreciate to watch. To watch that skill, and to recognize that I enjoyed watching Elway and Marino too, it will only be more special to watch Brett make some of those throws.

I do have a couple questions for you. What impact do you think losing Mike Flanagan at center will do to the Packers' protection schemes this year? And what do you think is the greatest strength and greatest weakness for the Pack in 2007? Again, thank you for your insight into the Packers Organization. It is really interesting reading every week. Here's counting the days to the season that we live for, and to the best rivalry game in the NFL.

Lets Get It On!!!

Rex C. Willett, rex@northstarcampers.com, Cedar Falls, Iowa

First off, thanks for your comments. I see you are a true football fan as well. Actually, I don't think the loss of Flanagan will affect the Packers at all. Matter of fact I can't believe Houston paid him that much money, but then again we do know why, don't we. The greatest strength right now has to be the linebacker position with Hawk, Hodge, Barnett, Poppinga, Manning and Taylor, and the weakest is still the unproven interior of the offensive line.

Be good my friend!!!


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