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Chicago Bears are overrated
Hi Todd,
I promise you the Bears will not sweep the Packers (see September issue of Packer Report magazine). Last year when the Packers had no weapons left, they still put almost 400 yards on the Bears in each game and were in position to win both games on the final drive. The Bear defense is not that good, check the numbers. They can only stop average offenses that are careless with the ball. In 7 out of their last 8 games, the Bears gave up an average of 375 yards per game. The Steelers, Bengals, and Panthers all lit them up. Look for the same thing to happen to the Bears as it did in 2002 after they beat 13 weak teams in 2001.

Here is a fact: the Bears have not won in Week 1 when the game was on the road since 1971 and it was way back in 1959, since they did it before then. In fact, the Bears are 0-2 lifetime in Week 1 games in Green Bay, losing there in 1997 and in 1980. If the Bears could not beat that 1980 Packer team in Week 1, as bad as the Packers were, they will never win in Week 1 in Lambeau, ever.

The Packers will be healthy for that opener and the Bears have never beaten the Packers when Ahman Green started the game (0-7).

One more stat: the Bears have lost three years in a row on opening day. I hope you are doing well, great to E mail you again!

Doug Kallas, Brett4MVP3@aol.com, Hammond , IN

Lombardi too negative; quit trashing Favre; Thompson questionable
Dear Todd,
Why does Packer Report put up with the garbage John Lombardi dishes out. He hardly ever says anything positive about the Packers and has clearly stated that he is not a packer fan. So what if he is the grandson of Coach Lombardi. He does not impress me with his knowledge of the game. His negative twist reminds me of the idiot Packer Report use to have who wrote for the Green Bay Gazette.That guy never had anything good to say about the Packers either. If I had my vote I would recommend dumping John Lombardi now.

When I read his trash I want to slap him on the side of the head. It is a disgrace to the memory of Ray Nitschke and his vision for this publication to read all the bad-mouthing.

I am also tired of all the trashing that Brett has taken for the 29 interceptions last season. Those people obvious do not know Brett Farve very well. He is a fierce competitor and he wants to win. During the second half of last season as the team chewed up running backs, the running game disappeared and the only chance the Packers had to win was for Brett to take chances. Sure not all were the best decisions, I suppose all those critics would have rather seen Brett hold onto the ball and get sacked and maybe hurt. To win sometimes you have to take a chance.

I have serious reservations about the new staff and Ted Thompson. Most of the staff comes from losing organizations, which is not a good omen for the Pack. However, I think they had a good draft and hope some of these young guys can step up and contribute. I have been a Packer fan for over 40 years and I certainly do not want them to return to the days of the 70's and 80's.

I have been a subscriber of Packer Report since the inception missing only one year due to lack of funds.

Jeff Reuteler, jeffnatureman@earthlink.net, Grand Rapids, MI

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