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Packers are talented but lack experience
First of all how are you doing? Second I would like to make a comment on what Mr. Sydney wrote (Aug. 4) about the quote Brett Favre made. I don't think he was, in fact, trying to disrespect the old since he was in fact part of the old. Favre didn't say Aaron Kampman is more talented the Reggie White, because that would have made him a liar, but here is what I, in my humble opinion, think.

Besides Brett, Reggie, LeRoy and Keith Jackson, the 1996 team wasn't that talented, but because they came together as a team, they won the Super Bowl. Think about it: name one person who left after that Super Bowl win that you ever heard from again? Not the Super Bowl MVP that's for sure, or Mr. Robinson. I think he played for the Falcons, and Mr. Rison the last thing I heard about him was his house burnt down.

I have been a Packer fan all my life so I remember the talent we had. I think the coaches were the biggest talent on the team in 1996. What Brett said was true: This is the most talented team that has been in Green Bay in a long time. I would take Donald Driver the most under-appreciated team before me guy, than me-first Rison. Do you remember why Rison ended up and off our team in the first place, and Freeman is better than Ferguson. I will give Mr. Sydney that one. I would rather have a guy who made only the tough catches rather than a guy who doesn't play at all.

Unless it was muddy, because nobody was better in the mud than Edgar, I think the backs are pretty even. The thing that really made me say "WHAT?" was that Doug Evans and Craig Newsome were a wash with Charles Woodson and Al Harris. I have to strongly disagree with that because we currently have two Pro Bowl caliber players at corner. Doug and Craig deserve some credit, but even I would have gotten some interceptions had Reggie been rushing the QB for my team.

Here is my point: There is a lot of talent on the Packers' roster this year but what ruffled so many feathers about the quote was that it is unproven talent. Favre didn't disrespect the old, he just gave credit to the explosive, young, and very talented new. Let's see if the coaches can bring this talent together and make Brett the smartest guy in football.

Mark Lee, Mark.lee3@us.army.mil, Wiesbaden Germany

Wish Rodgers was playing for 49ers
Hey, Todd,
I read your article about Aaron Rodgers (Aug. 8) because I was curious to see how well he was doing. I'm a big Cal fan and Rodgers is the best QB to ever come from Cal.

I was really disappointed when the Niners selected Alex Smith. How in the world could they do that after watching Rodgers set the record for most consecutive completed passes ... against the freaking Trojans!!! He's a great, not good, leader and he's got incredible accuracy.

Well, I'm sure you'll be writing many a story about Rodgers in the future. I hate the Packers, but they sure made the right choice.

Darryl, dsarkisian@hotmail.com, San Francisco Bay area

A little optimism doesn't hurt
Hey, Todd,
I wanted to share a few comments with Harry regarding his recent "Only in Green Bay" column (Aug. 8). First of all, I want to thank you, Harry, for shooting straight with us. I suppose many of us Packer fans can see things through rose-colored glasses, at times, and it is often good to get a jolt of reality to keep us focused on what the reality of the situation is.

On the other hand, I am not so sure there are not times when just a little shot of optimism isn't all bad either. Reading your column is starting to get real depressing. We get enough talk of another long season from all of the other "experts" in the national media. Without having played a regular season game yet I think all fans want to go into the season with a little hope and with some sense of optimism that at least a decent season is possible. I don't think any real fan expects the Super Bowl, but we can hope. Just give us a little shot of hope here now and then if you can. But, if you don't see any hope then I would not want you to BS us either.

And by the way, it is not only in Green Bay that you see 65,000 people show up for a glorified scrimmage - Nebraska had 65,000 people plus show up for their spring game (scrimmage) the last couple years, one of them after having had the worst season in the last 25 years of Husker football (5-6, no bowl game). It's the fans my man - it's the love of the game, the love of the team. Husker fans and Packer fans are very, very similar. Exceptionally loyal, very passionate, not fair-weather. I am fortunate to be a big fan of both teams. Both teams should feel very honored to have such fans and I would think would want to perform in such a manner that they would not let their fans down. By that I mean just play hard and play every play like it is your last. That is all we ask. Ask Ahman what he thinks about the Husker/Packer fan similarity, I bet he echoes what I just said.

Jeff Dummer, jdpackfan2003@yahoo.com, Kearney, NE

No reason why Packers can't contend for NFC North title
I have read numerous letters stating that the Pack will surprise a lot of people this season. There have also been those who defend Favre until the end. Many others look at the North Division and say, "Why not us?" I have to agree with them to a point. This will be a division for the taking until late in the season. One win or loss here and there could decide it.

Realistically, does anyone see the Bears winning double-digit games again? They were the worst team to make the NFC playoffs last year. They got to the divisional round with defense, but went out and got torched by a Panthers team without a running game. The Lions still don't know what or who they are on offense. Their defense will continue to be mediocre again this year. And then there are the Vikings. I have seen and read that many experts like the Vikings chances. My question to them is, "Why?" Their offense (at the end of last season) was and will continue to be non-existent. The defense they field should be formidable, but can't make up for the lack of points put up by the offense.

This brings me back to the Pack. Why not? If (and I know it is a long if) the offensive line can gel, the starters stay healthy, Rod Gardner realizes his potential, the defense plays both sides of the ball like they defend the pass, Favre makes decisions like it is his last year, and the team buys into the new coaching staff's approach: Well we may be celebrating a winning season.

Favre said it best, "I'll sign on for 9-7." Who knows that may be good enough for the division. If not, it would still be one hell of a season and a lot of fun! Go Pack Go!

Adam Cole, aacole@gbpackersfan.com, Evansville, Ind.

Favre needs to be more careful, in control
Hey, Todd!
Having been a die-hard Packers fan for more than 40 years, I'm inclined to defend Brett as much as the next guy. However, there were times last season after Javon Walker went down when Favre would force the ball into coverage, when he had guys running alone on shorter, easier throws. This happened, at times, even before A. Green went down! True enough his interior line was suspect, and it's sometimes easier to see open receivers from the stands, or ones living room (no pass rush)! But hopefully with an improved defense and a receiving corp that has to prove itself, the coaching staff will help Brett control those games. An all or nothing style may force something that hurts the Packers, more than it helps.

Jacques, gameday26@wmconnect.com, Indiana

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