Marques Anderson's training camp diary

Editor's note: Rookie defensive back Marques Anderson has agreed to provide his thoughts on training camp in the form of a diary for He will provide updates on his diary as often as possible throughout his first camp with the Green Bay Packers.<p>

Here is what Anderson, Green Bay's third round draft pick this year, had to say after his first NFL two-a-day practice:

Saturday, July 27: "Practice is intense. I really like the speed of practice. It is similar to what we did at UCLA. There are periods. Everything moves constantly. Everything is precise and moves on time. I really like the tempo.

"This morning I played free safety. During one-on-ones I played cornerback, so I got a look at two positions today. Just being on the field made it easier to understand the scheme of things. When you are writing down X's and O's it is hard to get a feel. But when you're body is there, it's a lot easier to comprehend. I missed the June minicamp because school was still in session at UCLA, but coach ‘Slo' (defensive backs coach Bob Slowik) was on the phone with me constantly, sending me those minicamp tapes that I missed. After that minicamp, me and ‘Slo' spent eight days, every morning, going over the schemes of things. So I feel like I'm caught up.

"Right now, I'm going into the locker room, going to ice, heat. We have a meeting and then I'll get some rest."

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