Sydney Speaks! Let's just take a chill pill!

Harry Sydney urges Packers fans in his column today to be patient. The Green Bay Packers, under new head coach Mike McCarthy, are a work in progress and likely will go through some growing pains this season. So, for those who are up in arms already about moves that the Packers have made on the roster, Sydney says, 'Let's just take a chill pill!'

This is only the pre-season and there has only been one game, so let's not panic. Better yet, let's not think we were going to see something else from the Green Bay Packers. They are what they are, so let's keep a check on the expectations and here's why:

Let's not jump all over Mike McCarthy for trying to be the head coach and make the adjustments he thinks this team needs, especially when this team may not have the talent, especially up front with the offensive line, to really compete. As I have said, everyone looked good in the minicamps, or in the OTA's, but no one was in pads. As a head coach Mike has the right to make the moves he thinks is necessary to better this team. I have heard many fans questioning the move of taking Daryn Colledge out of the starting lineup and replacing him with Jason Spitz and moving Tony Moll into the starting line up. I say, why not? Maybe Mike McCarthy is sending a message to Daryn that what he was doing just wasn't good enough.

Throughout this training camp I haven't seen any offensive linemen act like he's mad about something or play with a nasty attitude. Everyone one of these guys up front are playing like they are scared to hit someone, therefore, we haven't sniffed any form of a running game, and the quarterbacks are running for their lives. I believe he might just be making an example because this is a young team and they need to understand what is expected of them. At least this staff, thus far, hasn't made a bunch of excuses for the lack of toughness on either side of the ball.

This team will have a lot of growing pains and if you are a true fan you must go through those pains as well. We as fans will have to endure a whole lot of darkness before the sun will shine and we can't lose our patience. I know I sound like a fan, but I am I'm a football fan first and a Packer fan second. So, as I see it Mike McCarthy is taking this team in the right direction, but it's going to take a while to get there.

Besides Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher, this team has no proven offensive linemen, and that's going to cause so many problems. Nobody, and I mean nobody, that the Packers will be facing are sitting reading up on the Packers roster and potential starters and are saying, ‘Man, I fear the Packers' offensive line.' I bet the Bears are licking their lips, saying ‘finally we can get to Brett Favre.' Do you think they are scared of the zone blocking scheme? Trust me, it's not about the scheme, it's about who is executing it. That's why I'm trying to tell everyone to relax and let this team go through the pains and just cherish the good things and hopefully we will see. Such as the growth of A.J. Hawk. He is the future of this franchise. Let's watch how this linebacking group grows together between Abdul Hodge, Nick Barnett, and Brady Poppinga. Those players could be the cornerstone of this defense for a long time unless money and egos get in the way. Also, let's embrace the growth of Greg Jennings. He has a bright future ahead of him which will only make the emergence of Aaron Rodgers that much better when he gets his opportunity, which might be sooner than later. We all know Brett Favre is the man but unless I see a bunch of meanness up front, Brett's biggest accomplishment this year might just be surviving without a major injury.

Let's look at the running game - what can we really expect? Aren't we all hoping Ahman Green returns better than he was when he left and was hurt last year when people were worrying about whether he still had it? Just think about that. Ahman is trying to come back from an injury that most guys don't come back from, especially at running back. Talk about putting pressure on a guy. Behind him what do the Packers have? If anyone tries to tell me that Najeh Davenport, Samkon Gado or Noah Herron can have success behind what we have seen so far, I'd think you'd be losing your mind.

I think everything is a work in progress, so when and if Mike McCarthy changes people around in pre-season let's not complain because that's what he's supposed to do, isn't it? Even if he changes Nick Barnett to the strong-side linebacker for a series and puts Abdul Hodge at ‘mike' I won't panic because isn't this the time of the year to do those experiments? I would rather he make some changes between the first and the second preseason game so that the projected starters play the most important game together, which is the third one. This is the game where the starters play the whole first half and come out and start the third quarter so that they get used to the halftime routine.

So to all of you that want to question McCarthy, I say, LET'S JUST TAKE A CHILL PILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers.

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