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Tightwad Ted hurting Packers
Hey, Todd,
I live and work in Belgium for the US Government, but try to follow the Packers as much as I can. The results of last Saturday's game does not surprise me. You know, Ted Thompson needs a girlfriend to spend some of his millions on, so he will learn not to be so cheap when it comes to spending money for good players for the Packers. Case in point, the Vikings and Packers had almost the same amount of money going in to free agency. We could have competed for Steve Hutchinson's services and still drafted our two new guards. Then when there were still a few veteran offensive linemen left, like Ross Verba, Ted decides giving Verba a couple of million is too much, so Detroit gets him.

Now I'm not saying Verba is the best out there, but it sure beats starting two rookies and the street agents Ted signs. He always gets guys who haven't played in a couple of years and need cash. Then they end up getting cut or not being any good and, thus, our problems this year. Come on Packer fans, let's find Ted a girlfriend so he will do a better job of getting players that can help us win!! I am still upset with him for dismantling a good kicking game, and letting the Vikings out-think us. They are gonna kick our butts this year. My prediction is until we get someone who knows how to put a football team together we are gonna suffer like we did through the 70's and 80's.

Mike Herbst, Packer_1967@yahoo.com, Brussels, Belgium

Offense needs work, defense is promising
A.J. Hawk has brought some high hopes for the defense becoming a stronger unit. One man cannot fix this, though. They have to be willing to all work together to find the best way for this defense to function properly. Offense is becoming a scary subject already. Favre is throwing plays he has no business throwing. Also, they've played ground ball in many situations where ground ball was not called for. Green is not our best candidate to get us points. Favre has a good arm still. He just needs to focus it more on the plays that work for him. I would honestly like to see more crossing patterns this year, just not any really long ones. And, someone needs to find a way to keep that line up for him!

On another note, what do you think about Ben Roethlisberger being allowed to play with a broken jaw? Especially after there was talk of the Steelers pulling his contract and making him pay back the money he had already gotten because he violated the clause in his contract that stated that he had to wear a helmet when he rode his motorcycle. I think it is BS! Yes, he is a good QB, maybe destined to be a great one. But, I feel the NFL needs to let it be known to all that rules are rules. Plus, with a broken jaw, how long do you think it will take for someone to yank on that helmet wrong and injure him further?

Just some things to ponder I guess. I hope all is going well with the Packer Report. Take care and GO PACK GO! Bobbie, Chanekos75@aol.com, Green Bay, WI

Positive opinions are refreshing to read
Just a note to say that I can see a difference already in the reporting and articles as there is now positive incorporated in with the negative. Now they just need to incorporate it into their articles more evenly rather than "here is the good - here is the bad," though, even that alone is 50% more refreshing than what had been being published.

I agree that the Packers are a major work in progress and there is plenty of negative there, but just making the point that dwelling on the negative is "beating a dead horse."

When I look to the Packer Report, I hold hope in my heart that I might find some positive things to read about in there. I assume that most readers also want to read about some positive Packer news rather than simply regurgitating how bad they are failing after we watch it for ourselves. I can get that everywhere else in the media these days, but not many are also making equal note of the positives as you guys are now.

Mike K., docrock376@new.rr.com, Green Bay, WI.

Preserve Tiger Stadium, like the Packers did with Lambeau Field
There is a baseball landmark (that most baseball Hall of Famers and some football Hall Famers played on) that is going to fall under the wrecking ball if nothing is done to preserve it. I'm talking about Tiger Stadium in Detroit. People (sportscasters in particular) are always talking about "old-school" and the "glory days" of the game. Here's a chance to preserve all of that. The clock is ticking away on another historically structurally sound landmark that is going to be razed. Why do we tear down old structures and build new ones to look like the old ones, minus the history?

Hindsight is always 20/20, let's not look back in regret. Our "disposable" society that we live in these days has a tendency to refer to objects as "relics" as a way to justify tearing down structurally sound, viable historical structures. That's being wasteful, plain and simple, in reality they are deemed "relics" because they don't have enough toilets, concession stands and luxury boxes.

In Green Bay they found a way to do it the right way. Even in Chicago there was enough respect to play on the same ground.

If this place is allowed to be destroyed for "high in the sky" plans, none of which are realisitc (condos and a mall?) then so much for all the "hot air" spewed forth by the fans and sportscasters about hallowed grounds and sports shrines. "Old school" is fast becoming an overly used term that basically means "squat" with no substance.

The web site www.strandedatthecorner.com sheds a lot of light on the insane politics, waste of taxpayer's money and "cowtowing" to one Mike Illitch, whom it seems is the force behind shooting down all of the other viable proposals that have been put forth. Greed, what cruel fate for such a "grand old place" that she is.

Christopher Hebert, heebs912@hotmail.com, Essexville, MI

I just read your article about the O-line and found it very interesting. I posted in packerrats.com a little evaluation of the O-line on Aug. 13. In that posting, I pointed out that the O-line wasn't as bad as I originally thought. Here is what I wrote:

Okay, I just got done watching the Packers first team O-line on TiVo. I did a very simple evaluation of the Packers O-line, just like the one I completed after watching family night several times over. The evaluation process is this; I watch Wells, Colledge and Spitz on every play. I watch only one player at a time, rewind and then watch someone new. If I believe they did a good job, the get a +, if they do a crappy job then they get a -. I then added up the totals and here are the results. Note: + does not mean the play went for positive yards, it just means the O-Linemen completed their task.

The starting O-line ran 20 plays together. Of those 20 plays, 6 were runs and 14 were passes.

Wells: 18 of 20 plays were positive or 90%
Colledge: 15 of 20 plays were positive or 75%
Spitz: 18 of 20 plays were positive or 90%

Wells: 14 of 14 were positive, or 100%
Colledge: 10 of 14 were positive, or 71%
Spitz: 14 of 14 were positive, or 100%

Wells: 4 of 6 were positive, or 67%
Colledge: 5 of 6 were positive, or 83%
Spitz: 4 of 6 were positive, or 67%

FIRST 10 plays vs. the SECOND 10 plays

1st 10 plays
6 negative plays were made by Wells, Colledge or Spitz.

2nd 10 plays

3 negative plays were made by Wells, Colledge or Spitz. So their play did improve as the game went on.

After watching the O-line play and crunching the numbers, several things were extremly obvious.

1. You may be asking yourself "those numbers sound pretty good, how come Favre was on his back so much?" Well, it is because Franks, Taush (twice), Henderson and Davenport all whiffed on crucial blocks that either got Brett hit or sacked. It wasnt all the interior O-line, the vets are rusty!

2. Spitz is better then Colledge at this point.

3. D. Colledge is over-powered in pass protection A LOT. He gets pushed back a lot. Even when he earned a + he was barely hanging on or getting help from Wells.

4. The line play did improve as the game went on.

5. If Clifton goes down, Favre is going to get KILLED! Coston doesnt have it at LT!

6. The 3-4 D confused the o-line and the Chargers blitzed a lot! Game planning would have helped.

Take the info for what it's worth, which is probably nothing!

It seems that we are on the same page. Great job! I really enjoy reading your articles.

Hanns, gbpackfan@tds.net

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