Sydney Speaks! More work to do

Count former Packers fullback and assistant coach Harry Sydney as one of many Packers fans who feel cornerback Ahmad Carroll should be traded or released. Sydney explains why Carroll simply does not fit in with the type of team general manager Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy want to build.

Over the last couple of days Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson have shaken things up by getting rid of more dead weight, or people that just can't contribute enough to help the Packers get to where they want to go. It isn't so much that they were part of the Mike Sherman draft because if they can play they can play, and if they can't they can't.

We all knew that B.J. Sander was a bust, just as I thought Marc Boerigter wouldn't make the team because he just didn't bring anything special to the table. But Mike and Ted's work isn't done. Let me explain:

Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson are really in a bind as I see it because they have a major problem that they don't want to face, or at least address, and that's with Ahmad Carroll. He is turning this proud football franchise into thug university. This guy has been nothing but a headache since he has been here.

Trust me, I do understand the problem because he is the third best corner at this time on this team and no team can have enough good corners. And when I say good corner I say it very loosely. Throughout his career he probably has more penalties than any other defender in the secondary. We have all witnessed him make a good play then destroy it by prancing around like he did something other than his job.

I have been trying this year to give him the benefit of the doubt, until a couple of things happened lately. One was when against Atlanta after he made a nice play knocking the ball away from the receiver. Instead of talking crap or pounding his chest he just went back to the huddle. At that moment I said to myself he finally understands that good or great plays speaks for itself. Then all of a sudden here he comes on a blitz and sacks the quarterback, and he broke down into that 'I am the man, the best corner in the land' dance. You know what I'm talking about that look at me pound my chest like a fool acts. I am so tried of it.

For so long I have heard Mike McCarthy talk about Packer players, so with that I'm assuming that that means players who have respect for the game. Guys like Aaron Kampman, A.J. Hawk, Abdul Hodge, guys that play physical but don't take cheap shots. This leads me to Ahmad Carroll's other cowardly act which unfortunately has been caught on film several times.

This organization is trying to turn the corner with its play and with its personnel, so when I see a professional athlete on the Green Bay Packers try to kick another man between their legs it's time for that player to go. I don't care how good that player thinks he is, but enough is enough. I hope beyond hope that either Jason Horton, Tyrone Culver, or anyone can take his role so either Ted or Mike can trade him to anyone for anything.

I know it sounds bad and probably wouldn't help the team, but it's time to CUT OUT THE CANCER! This guy has gotten away with too much without being worth it. As a former coach I understand that sometimes you must look the other way if your key player does stupid things because his upside outweighs the negative, but that's not the case in this situation. Think about it, this is the National Football League, the big boys, and last year the old coaching staff put boxing gloves on him so he wouldn't hold receivers, and he still did!

I've gone to practice and have seen some of his nonsense and it makes me as a former player want to ask him if he understands what this game is all about? And maybe I'm the wrong guy and my standards are too high because I'm tired of seeing this bull from this guy wearing the Green and Gold. Those colors stand for more than just winning or losing, they stand for "Winning with Pride or Losing with Dignity." This franchise has always been considered a class act and I don't want to see Ahmad Carroll tarnish it anymore.

This organization is trying to build a solid foundation with a group of players young and old that have integrity and their ethics never questioned. Guys like William Henderson, A.J. Hawk, Donald Driver and Brett Favre are the faces I want to represent this organization. Even as nasty as Wayne Simmons was and I mean that with all do respect he wouldn't cheap shot you. He would look his opponent in their eyes and just kick their butts. If you don't believe me ask Brent Jones from the 49ers.

As a player you gain respect by giving no quarter and asking for none, not by kicking someone in their family jewels or dancing like a fool for doing your job. So as I see it, Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson, even if they don't want to, have no choice because when it comes to 'Packer People' you guys have MORE WORK TO DO to get the message across!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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