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No place for Carroll on Packers
Amen-you guys are right on! Carroll's production has been a sad waste of a very valuable draft pick, but that is history. As many plays as he might make, it is likely his constant screwups and attitude will cost the team much more at the wrong times. Time to move on and cut out future untimely lapses and embarrassment from his poor judgment.

Gregg E. Petersen, petersen@cypressintl.com, Columbia, MD

Pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place for the Packers
The Packers definitely looked better against the Falcons than they did against the Chargers. I guess they needed to get punched in the mouth first. Whether it was the 3-4 defensive scheme, that is still no excuse, the Packers need to prepare for all types of schemes. Remember they play the AFC East this year and 3 of the 4 teams there play that 3-4 defense (Miami, NYJets, & New England). They still need to find quality depth at the offensive line. Apparently Colledge is not cut to be a guard, but one day he could take over at OT position. I am sure the Packers are waiting after the first round of cuts to see if there are any quality lineman available. That should also go for punter, and punt returner. At RB is still too early, but I wouldn't mind picking up Stephan Davis, (he is still available) to back up Ahman Green.

I read a post on your site the other day stating that the Packers should have picked up Hutchinson. I say no way let them have him at the price they paid. The Vikings didn't outsmart the Packers, in a few years when their offensive line needs help they won't be able to make a splash because of that "special clause" they put on Hutchinson's contract. They still have no QB. Johnson is a hit away from retirement. We have 2 QB's now.

Remember, Thompson came in and the salary cap was hell thanks to Mike Sherman (signing guys no longer in the league now), but he should have kept Mike Wahle, and we all know he realizes that now. Remember fans, the Chargers went from 4-12 to 12-4 in one season. The Dolphins went from 4-12 to 7-9 with less talent than we have now (Ferrotte as their starting QB) in a tougher AFC.

Come September everything should be in place, but Thompson needs to make the right moves.

Lou, louiem007@bellsouth.net, Coral Springs, FL

Carroll doesn't belong in Green Bay
Ahmad Carroll's ticket out of town is long over due. He just doesn't get it or doesn't want to get it. Frankly, I'm surprised TT and Mike have tolerated his antics this long. Send him packing and get somebody in here who wants to play football and wants to learn....not be thug every time he turns around. This is the NFL not nursery school.

Ingrid Adams, 2packergirl@charter.net, Jefferson, WI

Dr. T is nothing more than a quack
Hey, Harry,
Good article about taking a Chill Pill, but in all honesty I'm having a hard time with the prescription that is coming from Dr. Thompson who is supposed to be fixing Packer ills.

# 1 – I believe we had a good draft, and that Dr. T has brought in a 3 free agents "on defense" to help make it better and he has tried to sign a few others, Viniateri & Arrington. That was good. But # 2 my main concern, and I think the Packers' main concern, has been at the guard position. So let me see what Dr. T has done over the last two yrs: (Klemm and often hurt, part-time tackle, a washed up O' Dwyer, rookie 7th rounder Whitticker, and this year second and third round rookie picks who are supposed to have a nasty streak, except it's there play that is nasty (stinks) and what happens if they go down? Who's left? (Let's bring back Kramer). After looking at this I want to prescribe for Dr. T an enema, and to stop watching the Simpson's so much (Get some reality), and maybe some faith healing from Benny Hinn. Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are talking about Favre's, Green's or any running back's career and safety, not to mention a dysfunctional offense for the possibilities of second year in a row. Oh, but as Dr. T has said, "I think it's going to be good enough, but I don't have to play QB." That's pretty funny. I wonder if he'd said that after being sacked twice in a row and knocked down at 3-4 times in what 8 plays.

So my prescription for Dr. T is to play QB for a game to see first-hand what the teams needs are, and maybe from his hospital bed he could make a few deals and take the guard position needs and situation serious. "Then, Harry, I'll Take A Chill Pill."

Jan Mandel, janmandel@cox.net, Phoenix, AZ

Protection for Favre still questionable
That was an exhibition game. I realize it will help the confidence but I am still concerned about protection for Brett. Look what happened when they put in the reserves. Rogers was running for his life. The article in this morning's Journal Sentinel has a person quoted from another team saying that the money paid to Daryn Colledge perhaps was money wasted. Apparently, he may not be ready for the pros. I have always had concerns about anybody Pat Hill sends to the pros. I have always questioned their capability. I guess time will tell if he pans out or not.

Tom Schroeder, tjsnb63@yahoo.com, Brookfield, WI

Packers, Nascar go hand in hand
Hey, Todd,
What a great show. Last night's game was a big turn around from last week. Brett and the offense were awesome and the defense has really stepped it up. KGB made a move right before half time that reminded me so much of Reggie White that it brought tears to my eyes(just the mention of his name always does this to me). It was a real treat.

I just can't believe that I am sitting here watching Raceday and here are the Packers. What a treat. I hear Reggie's name a lot on here, being a factor for Diversity in Sports. Not to mention the Lambeau Field references. "Daytona is to Nascar what Lambeau Field is to the NFL, Indianapolis is to Nascar what Lambeau Field is to the NFL".

Today I have gotten to see the best of both sports. Matt Kenseth always has such great things to say about Brett and the Packers, and I loved getting to see them when I sure wasn't expecting it. I just watched the game this morning on NFL Network and now here they are on SPEED. How great it is to be recognized by other sport venues as the best of the best. Even with Joe Gibbs, Terry Bradshaw, and Troy Aikman being among the team owners, I have never heard the mention of their respective NFL teams. It just goes to show you that the Packers and Lambeau Field are ICONS in all sport worlds. Love those PACKERS!!!

Diane Herd, dianeherd@gbpackersfan.com, Marysville, Ohio

Obvious columns not worth reading
It is been a while since I have commented but here I am. My comment this time is that I don't like the articles of John Lombardi. When I say this, I want to say I am not like those who feel he is too negative about the Packers. In all honesty, if that is how he feels so be it. Just because of who his family is has no bearing on the state of the world. John, if you want to be negative, go ahead. The reason I personally don't like his writing is that he doesn't offer anything. John Lombardi is the writer of the obvious. I don't want to speak for anyone else but when I come to this website, I try to learn something I don't know or to gain some insight from experts (I am already an expert of the obvious myself). For example, since I am not blind and deaf and can watch or listen to a game, why do I need someone to state the O-line is struggling? Since I have watched or listened for years do I need you to tell me most of Sherman's draft picks were terrible? Maybe his next article can be that in the winter the cold can work in the Packers favor if they are playing a team from Florida incase someone from another planet just got here. What I am looking for is any "tid bits" or analysis on what is happening that an average person paying any amount of attention can't pick up their own. In speaking to my father, who reads anything he can on the Packers since he lives in Florida now, it has been commented often that Lombardi is the single worse writer to this website and publication. Bottom line - Lombardi owes me all the minutes in my life wasted reading his non-informative writing.

Matthew Struble, matthew.struble@sbcglobal.net, Naperville, Ill.

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