Marques Anderson's training camp diary

Editor's note: Rookie defensive back Marques Anderson is providing his thoughts on training camp in the form of a diary for He will give updates on his diary as often as possible throughout his first camp with the Green Bay Packers.<p>

Here is what Anderson, Green Bay's third round draft pick this year, had to say after today's practices:

Tuesday, July 30: "I have a few different roles on special teams. I'm a "gunner" on the punt coverage team. That means I line up on the outside and try to fight through two blockers and tackle the punt returner. I'm a single man blocker on the punt return team where I jam the gunner. On the kickoff team I'm an "R4." I line up four spots from the kicker's right and run downfield, like a wedge buster. On kickoff return, I'm on the front line also. I'm the second guy on the front line.

"My first three years at UCLA I had to do every special team and start on defense. I'm kind of going back to that college mentality. Special teams is one-third of the game, so you have to play just as hard on special teams as you do on defense or offense.

"As a rookie, you've got to come in and help the team win. Special teams is a place where you can get on the field and help the team win at the same time. It's something that you have to do. This will get us to the Super Bowl just as much as defense and offense. Big plays come from special teams.

"Many times during training camp, we'll have practices devoted to special teams, like this afternoon. At UCLA, we were into special teams also. Special teams are a major factor in a ballgame. They're just as important as anything else.

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