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Packers fans are up in arms after Green Bay's humiliating preseason loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football. Here are some e-mails received by managing editor Todd Korth. E-mail your thoughts on the Packers to

Too much to handle for McCarthy
It looks like it's going to be a long season. They looked like a High School squad out there playing the Bengals. What I find even more troubling is when the camera panned over to Mike McCarthy on the sidelines, he had this deer in the headlights expression on face like he didn't know what to do. He is obviously in over his head, and I wonder how long it will be before Ted Thompson starts second-guessing his decision to hire McCarthy, when Norv Turner and Steve Mariucci were available.

Peter Schwind,

Packers unprepared for Cincy,
The Green Bay Packers looked like the team from the movie "The Replacements" At first look they appeared to commit many individual mistakes, but eventually appeared to provide a true team effort toward losing the game early.

I would fault the players initially but after suffering through a complete viewing of the game it became more evident that the coaching staff is at fault for this latest debacle.

Clearly, the Packers were totally unprepared for this game. Once you get by the individual mistakes, you can see that a total lack of execution by nearly all the players was the largest contributor to the loss. The coaching staff's poor game plan was also very evident in this game with play calling so basic, that all the Bengal's had to do was stay at home in their zones of play to execute tackles.

The receiving corp was guilty of many dropped passes with David Martin, Robert Ferguson and Rod Gardner leading the way. Gardner is fast living up to his 50-50 nickname that he was tagged with while with the Redskins. Martin's dropped pass in the red zone was also a typical clutch drop by the tight end when the catch was most needed.

The offensive line appeared to be struggling with executing any blocking at all as the Bengals appeared to simply pass rush at will and on running plays, simply stack the box for some easy tackling.

On the issue of the secondary, one has to ask if they understand that man-to-man coverage also involves an attempt to jump the ball or strip it while the catch was in progress. They appeared to simply run in stride with the receivers thinking that there was no way a ball will be thrown in their direction as long as they are close to the receiver. Very good coverage in staying with the man, bad coverage after the throw in their direction as in most cases they appeared to have no clue when the ball was coming in their direction. It was interesting to hear Larry McCarren describe Woodson's coverage as not being able to cover a receiver let alone a man selling beer in the stands.

The defensive lineman also continue to lack the ability to supply pressure to the opposing offense as we continue to watch nearly all the linemen being stood up at the line for some sumo belly bumping practice. Clearly the defensive line has not been taught any skill moves such as the swim, the hump, the rip or the bull rush, and how and when to apply these moves. Little stunting was involved in the pass rush as the Bengals "true" spread offense kept the Packer defense on its heals and many times on their backs.

The linebackers appeared to be doing well against the run, but struggled against the pass. The defensive line did stack the line well against the run at times but lacked a pass rush worth being concerned about.

Donald Driver did have at least one major drop in the game but did well considering the lack of pass protection for Favre. Jennings also added many bright spots in the game with his punt returning and receiving though with a few dropped balls.

Favre's interceptions in this game can be chalked up to poor receiving skills and not credited to Favre at all. I would give credit to Brett for showing patience in his passing choices as the game continued. His fumble, though inexcusable, could be at least blamed partially on a wet ball.

Overall, I would have to say the coaching staff is either overwhelmed with the short two weeks and three games to prepare for and attempted to overlook the Bengals a bit and that the Packer players also looked both worn out and jet lagged as they were totally flat for the entire game.

Hopefully, they do a better job of prepping the team for this Friday's contest with the Titans, though, I am thinking that they too are being overlooked in favor of preparing for Chicago. The NFL really dropped the ball when they stacked the Packers with two preseason games in five days with only one week to prepare for Chicago. I am guessing that Thompson was counting the benjamins when they failed to protest the poor scheduling by the NFL because they really wanted the Monday night game income. Poor choices by all and the game stunk of it.

I believe that Packers are capable of playing much better and consistent as they did against Atlanta if given proper preparation time and a serious effort by all involved. At this point, it would appear as though the team is simply trying to cruise through the last two games in an effort to pace themselves. You almost can't blame them with the exception that they are highly paid professionals. Let's hope they have a better showing against the Titans.

Mike K.,, Green Bay, WI

Make some changes – now! Get Bates back in fold,
Bob Sanders and Mike McCarthy should immediately be fired, and if TT knew anything about this current team ... it's clear that someone who actually KNOWS something, anything about running a defense should be our coach.

I suggest we go straight to the door of Jim Bates and throw the rest of the money left we are under the salary cap on his coffee table to come be the guy for this team!! WE DESPERATELY NEED HIM. NOW!!! What an embarrassment.

Ben Crowell, Infamous, Madison, WI

It's time for Favre to fold 'em
The Packers' pre-season game revealed:

The offensive line doesn't block very well. The defense doesn't tackle very well. Charles Woodson is an overpaid has-been hack who can't run, cover, or tackle. And Brett Favre is not going to listen to coaching, but is going to wildly fire ill-advised passes into crowds of defenders, and can't even be counted on to hold on to the football while attempting to pass. Age has caught and conquered his former great abilities, and those who refuse to admit that - including Mr. Favre - are simply living in denial. Can anyone say John Unitas?

Brett ... to quote Kenny Rogers, "You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when to run." Brett.... fold 'em. Walk away. Run!

With Favre and Woodson being two of the highest paid players on the team, the Packers are literally paying to lose.

Ken Parrish,, Lynchburg, VA

Packers put little pressure on Palmer
OK, Todd,
I must admit my hope and faith have now been shaken a bit after that performance last night. First chance I have gotten to see the Pack and I sat in awe of how bad they looked. A few bright spots, but not many, only the fact that a lot of the mistakes on offense can be corrected.

I was totally baffled by how bad the defense played and specifically the total lack of a pass rush. I didn't see a blitz get close to Palmer and when they did get close to him it was a shade too late, he was able to get the ball off. I see the lack of a pass rush as the major issue to trouble them all season. It will be interesting.

Jeff D.,, Kearney, NE

Monday Night Meltdown,
After watching the first half of the Packers massacre against the Bengals, I turned my TV off in disgust. And I think I am now regreting signing up for the NFL ticket, but we do silly things for our beloved Packers.

There is nothing positive to say about that Monday night performance. The offensive line was manhandled up and down the field. Yes, we do have two rookies at guard. Ahman Green seems to be running OK, but he's not going to be able to do much with the offensive line we have, they need to protect better. By the time I got to 3 Mississippi's, the pocket already had collapsed and Favre was running for his life. Now Favre needs to make better desicions even if that means throwing the ball away, because turnovers will kill the team.

Defensively everyone looked lost. Mr $10 million (Woodson) got beaten for two TD's. Get on the same page, go out bowling or something, but get some chemestry working. The D-line didn't put much pressure on the QB. Palmer had all day to throw. Get some pass rush, some push in the middle. Blitz a safety or a LB, if it didn't work nothing is lost because they still would have scored.

Thompson needs to sign some veteran help at the offensive line preferrably with zone blocking experience (from Denver or Atlanta). Sign another punter, and get a pass rusher in there.

The only promising thing is Greg Jennings he's got skills good pick. Well I am going to prepare for Tropical Storm Ernesto now.

Lou,, Coral Springs, FL

Releasing Wahle, Rivera continues to haunt Packers
Hi, Todd,
I have been a Packer fan for more than half a century and always will be. However, I don't like what is going on. Management? How could you leave both Wahle and Rivera go? Oh! I forgot, "guards are a dime a dozen." Coaches? They have unsuccessful backgrounds and have not been impressive. In short, we have fallen behind the other teams in our division and the league. We are very poor along the offensive line with no pass protection or blocking for a running game. We are poor along the defensive line with no pass rush. The secondary is questionable. How much are we paying Woodson? Again, the decisions by TT. Special teams are a joke. We do not have a decent punter or kicker. Again, the decisions by TT. Patience? Forget it. Harlan and TT are making big bucks and so are the players. I expect more from the Green Bay Packers. They should be held accountable. As Vince would have said, "what the _____ is going on here"?

Bobio,, Minnetonka, MN

Let's be patient, wait for the regular season,
I was embarrassed last night for the Packers, but I thought, 'Hey, it is only pre-season and the reason they have pre-season is to work on things before the regular season. But I think you can't judge a first-year coach by the pre-season, you have to wait for the regular season to happen.

I think coach McCarthy will be a good coach and might even turn into the next Holmgren for the Packers. To all that don't think that Favre is listening to the coach, he is. Yes, he made mistakes, so did the rest of the team and I think they will be fine.

But I do think they need to get rid of Robert Ferguson. Trade him to New England with a second round pick for Deion Branch and they should think about bringing in veteran guards to help the line out. But on defense there are a lot of new ones on there and even if Bates did come back it would take them a while to learn it. I think they will have it down in time for the first regular season game. So to all of you that are ticked about the game, get over it and wait for the regular season and see what happens then.

Dean,, Green Bay, WI

Everyone's job should be on the line,
I'm a loyal fan starting from the 1960s. I will always be a fan. It doesn't mean I like what I'm seeing and reading. There are fans who think Favre should leave. There are those who wonder what McCarthy is even doing with the team. I'm just wondering about the organization as a whole at this point. At this point, I think everyone, from the last string player to the folks at the top in the front office should consider their jobs are on the line. The fans, the people of Green Bay, and the stockholders are just starting their performance reviews of this year's team and the reviews aren't looking so good - for anybody.Win or lose it's a team effort and right now, some companies would be cleaning house big time.

I understand the need for depth, talent, leadership, and mentoring but right now, everyone has at least one of those talents, but no one seems to be pointed in the right direction or at least in a united front. I remain a Packers fan but come on people, let's pull it together. For 20 years I was a ballet dancer and trust me, you were always looking over your shoulder because there was always someone eager to take your place. You made sure if you messed up once you didn't do it again because you weren't going to keep your part or your job for long. Audiences surely don't want to pay to watch poorly executed ballets and trust me, when the stuff on stage is looking bad, the artistic director is one of the first people out of there followed shortly by the executive director. Dancers come and go, but the management of the company sets the standard long-term. If management is not producing a world class company, they're history. And football is a lot like the dance world - like it or not.

I'm trying to remain positive about this season but right now, I'm having "artistic differences" with the performances I am seeing on the field and on the sidelines.

Amy,, Bellevue, WA

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