Marques Anderson's training camp diary

Editor's note: Rookie defensive back Marques Anderson is providing his thoughts on training camp in the form of a diary for He will give updates on his diary as often as possible throughout his first camp with the Green Bay Packers.<p>

Here is what Anderson, Green Bay's third round draft pick this year, had to say after today's practices:

" Wednesday, July 31: "I'm getting a lot of reps in scrimmages. Sometimes Antuan (Edwards) doesn't go, so I'm taking those reps that he's not getting and it's getting me a lot of experience. I had a talk with coach (defensive backs coach Bob Slowik) and he said, 'You just have to be ready. It's a long season. You have to be ready when it's your turn.' I think getting those repetitions is getting me prepared.

"This is about what I expected. We rotate all the time, so I'm getting just as many reps as everybody else. You're either running with the 1's or the 2's (first team or second team). I have been running with the 1's, but whether you're running with the 1's or running with the 2's, you still have to do your job.

"As far as learning the defensive schemes and coverages, I feel I'm learning it real good. I'm studying my playbook every night, going through it. Coach Slowik has said, 'If there's anything else you need extra to help your confidence, then we can do it.'"

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