Sydney Speaks! Favre needs to wake up!

Harry Sydney is up in arms over Brett Favre, ready to slap him alongside the head. Sydney, like many Packers fans, tuned in to Favre's press conference on Wednesday and wonders if the quarterback is mentally ready to lead the Packers this season.

The Green Bay Packers have had three pre-season games - one looked good and two stunk, all for different reasons. I don't think the Packers game-planned for the Chargers and got caught off guard. Against the Falcons they looked better, but then again the Falcons played as vanilla as possible. They didn't blitz, so there were always five offensive linemen blocking four defensive linemen which means better pass protection so the offense looked better. Then we have that joke that happened last Monday night. So what's the back lash of all this?????

Brett Favre looks and acts like he has lost all his will to compete. I know it's been only three games and the real season hasn't started yet, but if you pay close attention you can see different things that make you wonder if he really wants to do this anymore. I say this because of different reasons. Oftentimes they tell you to look into peoples' eyes to see if they still have that fire burning. In my opinion, if you look into Brett's eyes all you see is a blank stare.

Then you hear that from now on he will not do a weekly press conference because he is tired of the same old questions. He doesn't know if he will talk to the media after games anymore. Are you kidding me? Every other quarterback faces the music. Guys like Donavan McNabb, Peyton Manning, even his old understudy Matt Hasselbeck doesn't run and hide from the media, but then again Brett gets away with it. This has been his history over the last few years.

What bothers me the most is what did he think was going to happen the first time he made a fumble, looking like one of THE KEY STONE COPS as the ball slipped out of his hand, or after he threw the interception when he threw a fastball too late over the middle trying to hit Donald Driver on a third and long, a cardinal sin for every quarterback that has played the game. When he decided to come back and quarterback this 4-12 team I just wonder what were his expectations?

As I look at the way he now has decided to conduct himself does he have any regrets about playing this game anymore? I wonder does he now wish he had never said this team is the most talented team he has ever played on because there is an old saying be careful what you wish for.

There is no reason to be getting thin-skinned now by him coming back to the Green Bay Packers after a long off-season of ‘Do I retire or do I play?' He decided to play, so he needs to quit all the sad faces and having the look in the eyes of someone that lost their best friend. And I don't want to hear "Oh he can't do it alone" because these are the same guys on the team that he annointed to be the best he has ever worked with before they ever played one down in preseason. He knew what he was coming back to, so now he is here and he needs to act like a leader. Great quarterbacks make the players around him better, so it should stop being about him and more about them.

Am I saying Brett Favre isn't a great quarterback? No, because he will go down as one of the best that ever has played the game, but he hasn't done anything in the last five years except lead this team to the playoffs just to get destroyed by, as Mike McCarthy has said, "Self-inflicted Wounds."

As the pre-season comes to an end and this team prepares to face the Titans, it needs a shot in the arm, and not for this game because who cares about the last preseason game. As the Packers prepare to face the Chicago Bears, they need their leader to act like he wants to be part of this team. Trust me, the players feed off of him. They get energy from him, and it can't be when things are going good, but so much more it has to happen when things are going bad.

I'm just not sure that Brett Favre is really ready to face this season, either on the field or off. He must understand that this is a ‘what have you done for me lately league' and that everything changes regardless off how good you were. It's about how good you are and what anyone consistently brings to the table every game.

Brett needs to stop getting mad at a reporter for asking him a question that he knew was coming and step up to the plate and take the heat like everyone else. As I see it, if anyone loves this game, play it like you love it, or walk away. Either way, DON'T LOOK SO SAD NOW!!!!!!!!!!< p>
Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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