O-line backups need to kick it up

Packers GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman may be looking to newly-signed guard Jeff Blackshear to punch up the competition among back-up offensive lineman. So far, the coach said, the battle has been less than impressive.<p>

Sherman said Tuesday he was unhappy with the play of the backup o-line hopefuls in camp, with the exception of veteran center Frank Winters, who has played some guard.

"There are tremendous job opportunities here on the offensive line, there's no question about that," Sherman said. "And I'm sure hopeful they will seize the moment and take advantage of the opportunities that they're given because they may not have a better opportunity than we have here for someone to make our team."

One of the players not meeting expectations is second-year guard Bill Ferrario. The former Badger isn't progressing as quickly as the Packers had hoped, according to reports.

Injuries have also slowed some of the offensive linemen in camp. Tackles Earl Dotson and Kevin Jordan have been hampered with knee problems. Meanwhile, tackle Kevin Barry is battling a hamstring injury that may end his long-shot hopes..

"I think Kevin (Barry) understands the reality of it," Sherman said. "It's been explained to him numerous times. He wants to be out here. I you want to be on the team, you have to be out here participating, and he did today. I thought he did a couple nice things.

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