Head-scratching moves by Thompson

Hindsight is 20/20, but I couldn't have disagreed more with Ted Thompson's waiver selections on Sunday. It's not that CB Jarrett Bush, S Charlie Peprah and G Tony Palmer don't have potential, it's just that the Packers roster needs more veteran leadership now as opposed to potential.

The Packers are starting two rookie guards. Who is the punt returner again? Where is the depth at safety and wide receiver? No wonder Brett Favre said he wouldn't rule out playing for another team.

If I were Thompson, I would have put in claims for WR/KR Peter Warrick, G Chris Liwienski and SD/KR J.R. Reed. All have had success on the NFL level and would have helped from a veteran leadership role and filled serious voids on the roster.

Warrick knows the offense from his days in Seattle and he is a gifted return man. Liwienski has been a very productive guard in his years in the league. He may or may not be a fit in the new zone-blocking scheme, but he would definitely be worth a look. Plus, he could give the Packers valuable information pertaining to the Vikings. Reed is a ball hawking safety that is also a nice return specialist.

Thompson needs to give Mike McCarthy a chance to succeed. He needs to give Brett Favre a chance to succeed. He needs to give the offense a chance to succeed. The same goes for the defense and special teams. The NFC North is a division that could be up for grabs. Thompson feels grabbing potential is more important than grabbing proven talent. Based on that, it looks like he will be grabbing another top five pick in next year's draft.

Bob Fox is a frequent contributor to PackerReport.com. E-mail him at greenbaybob@hotmail.com.

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