NFL Draft '07: Scouting Syracuse

Year two of the Greg Robinson era at Syracuse cannot be much worse than the initial campaign when the Orange registered just a single victory. There is talent on the field, though much of the offense is misused. It is quite possible the Syracuse players will do better in NFL war rooms next April then on the football field this fall.

Quarterback Perry Patterson is a large pocket passer with an NFL arm. Zipping the outs, Patterson has no problem getting the ball downfield and easily makes the pass on the move. Better suited for a vertical offense, he is out of place in Syracuse's west coast system and struggled mightily as a junior. He does offer good upside and must be watched.

The top NFL prospect from Syracuse comes in the form of cornerback Tanard Jackson. A terrific athlete, Jackson easily runs downfield with opponents and consistently puts himself in a position to break up passes. Jackson is fundamentally sound and at the same time does a great job diagnosing the action. A good senior campaign will throw him into the initial 45-selections. Linebacker Kelvin Smith is a hard-working linebacker who fires up field in run defense or shows speed making plays to the flanks. Efficient he takes good angles to the action and wraps-up tackling. Smith works hard but is slightly undersized and out of position at middle linebacker. He will get middle round consideration at one of the outside linebacker spots. Jerry Mackey never developed at linebacker as most thought and while he displays good head for the ball he is inefficient, takes a lot of extra steps and wastes motion. Also undersized, he gets caught up in the trash and is free agent material. Chris Thorner is a hard-working interior lineman with good first step quickness but a straight-line player and marginal athlete.

Syracuse Prospect List

Full Name Pos # Year
Tanard Jackson CB 28 4Sr
Jerry Mackey ILB 57 4Sr
Perry Patterson QB 10 4Sr
Kelvin Smith OLB 8 4Sr
Chris Thorner DT 56 4Sr


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