Q&A with Terry Glenn

Wide receiver Terry Glenn spoke to the media on Wednesday after the morning practice. Here is how he responded to questions:<p>

on expectations:

"Well, exactly and more. I have my expectations, but there's more.

on Favre:

"When you line up, you just see how simple he is, and it kind of relaxes you. When you're out there, you look in the huddle, you look down the line of scrimmage, you see how relaxed he is, how confident he is. It kind of wears on you as a player and helps out."

on WRs adjusting to Favre instead of Favre to WRs:

"That's how you would think it's supposed to be, but I really think Brett is adjusting to us. Brett's that type of player, he can adjust. Some guys are faster than others, some bigger than others. He's adjusting well."

on fans' love for him:

"It's definitely what I expected. I wouldn't say it makes (practice) easier, but it's nice. It gives you a sense of what the atmosphere is like in Green Bay. It helps when you're out there catching balls. People are out here getting up early in the morning with you, you struggling a little bit, but they're out there getting their seat and watching you. It helps motivate you."

on timing with Favre:

"We'll never be 100 percent, but we'll try to get close to that. That's what training camp is all about. That's what football is about. You strive to get to that point. We know we'll never get to that point, but the closer you get to it, that's how good you'll be."

on if he is still in awe of Favre-factor:

"I'm out there and I that guy back there, man, and l see what he's done for this league and for himself and for the Green Bay Packers and I respect that. When I run my routes, I see that. It just makes you do it a little more harder."

on Javon Walker and Robert Ferguson:

"Javon is making a lot of plays. Robert is making his share of plays. We have a lot of receivers out here making plays. I think that's what helps this team get better. ... I think those guys know they've got to step up. The pressure's on. We're going to see who is going to come out and be the starting wideout and get this team rolling."

on right knee and how it felt today:

"A little sore, but something I've got to get through, something I'm going to get through."

on having fun playing football, not a business attitude:

"Brett doesn't like the business attitude. That's what I like about him. He's not all business. He's out here to have fun, let's play and win ballgames."

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