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Here are some e-mails received in the wake of the Green Bay Packers 26-0 loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday at Lambeau Field. E-mail your thoughts on the Packers after each game to managing editor Todd Korth at

Random thoughts from disaster against Bears
Guys and gals:
Wanted to share a few comments on the Bears game with you and see what you think. I have read all of the stories on this morning and have a few thoughts of my own. All you guys seem to be pretty level headed about the game, but some fans and most of the national media are really going over the deep end.

As I listen to Dan Patrick right now he is wondering if it is time to pull the plug on Brett already, that the Packers will be lucky to win (4) games, etc. It is baffling to me as the game I watched saw Brett do fine in the first half and only started making the "desperation" throws when they were behind and out of it. He was getting constant pressure. I am just tired of the media and it's only one game.

As for the game: I didn't see it as being as bad as the score indicated. They did move the ball, just could not finish. The lack of getting the third and fourth and shorts are disturbing and to me are just a time when they have to man up, suck it up and get it done. That was unacceptable.

Ahman looked pretty darn good and as with Brett, if the line can come together and be even serviceable some good things are possible. They just have to gel.

The defense was perhaps the most disappointing - still waiting for a pass rush. Waiting for the big money corners and safety to make some plays. The defense needs to take some of the heat, step it up and make things happen. But again, they did have flashes of pretty decent play so all around there are flashes of promise, they just never put the good things together consistently and that should be expected from this young and inexperienced team.

Just heard Deion Branch signed with Seattle in a trade. After seeing no receivers stepping up other than Double D Sunday it would seem to me they may want to address that position. My guess is it is too late now. Can anyone tell me why Robert Ferguson is still on the team? Bring back Antonio Freeman for God's sake, couldn't be worse.

One other thing from the game, and I know excuses are not what we are looking for here but was that not pass interference on Ferguson? Did the Packers not get a couple awful spots? Might not have changed the outcome, but sure would have been nice to have it called fairly and at least given the Pack a chance to score. Now we get to see how good Mike is at making adjustments and keeping the guy positive and focused as the Saints game is huge, I would go as far as to say a must win being at home. Enjoy the articles from you guys, keep it up, and always enjoy your thoughts, Ingrid, as well.

Jeff D.,, Kearney, NE

So far, Thompson-McCarthy have stunk it up!
Everybody said this game would set the tone for the season. Well, the tone was pathetic. I have not been on board with TT and McCarthy (Mike and Ike) for a long time and this game reinforced my feelings. Wonder who they're going to blame now that all Sherman's awful draft picks are gone. Maybe they should look in the mirror and then at each other. Under this dynamic duo of Mike and Ike, Brett experiences the first shutout of his career.

Isn't it sad that Brett came back for this? The sports announcers are trashing him and it's so unfair! Yes, he made mistakes. The biggest perhaps coming back. But you can't blame Brett for not having the players to make things happen! And who's responsible for bringing these players to the team and coaching them? Not Brett! Way to go ... Mike and Ike! Thank you!

Ingrid Adams,, Jefferson, WI

Many problems to correct
Hi Todd,
Just got back in to CT from GB. What a site yesterday was. Lack of game plan, secondary performed poorly, linebackers performed poorly, again no special teams, and on and on. I hope John Jones is scratching his head like I am scratching mine! I have to tell you I wrote you last week about the coaching staff of the secondary, and I am beginning to think what I wrote was true. Only this time I am going to throw in to the mix the entire "D" staff and Special Teams Coach. What was your take?

Mike Fosso,, Manchester, CT

Coach and GM have got to go!,
I am finally getting around to writing about some subjects near and dear to my heart!! I am a longtime Packer fan. I remember the 1-10-1 season. I was in fifth grade and it sucked. For that reason I will not listen to or watch ANY Packer games until Ted Thompson is fired. I don't think that will be too long as I think that this may well be the worst season in team history. He did a decent job of drafting (I think), but I don't think that he should have fired Sherman because he had a bad record, with all the injuries that the team had. Face it, the team was in nearly all their games last year. I think they lost 6 games by 9 points total. After firing Sherman, he then goes out and hires the O.C. from one of the worst teams in the league to replace him. Then this guy, McCarthy, goes out and hires the worst collection of assistant coaches I have ever seen assembled outside of New Orleans. Both these guys have got to go.

Terry L. France, Coach T, Eau Claire, WI

Poor coaching, poor play equals butt-kicking
Just watched the first half of the game. Think they are a team in for a long season. Really miss Bates on the defense. They look really poorly coached. Expected more from them. I know they were on the field a lot, but that was because they played so bad. You're not getting off the field when you can't stop the run or the pass .. Woodson and Manuel showed me nothing. Poor signings by Thompson. Will be a long year, but will see some improvement as the year goes on .. I hope.

Steve, Janesville, WI,

Does it get any worse than this?,
What's worse than losing your home opener? Getting shut out in your home opener.

What's worse than getting shut out in your home opener? Getting shut out in your home opener by the by a division rival.

What's worse than getting shut out by a division rival in your home opener? Getting shut out in your home opener by the Bears!!!!

It can't get any worse than that.

Doug Faulds,, Trumbull, CT

It's not too late to get back on track!
In looking around all the web pages, this is what is being said all over time and time again: Not all of it is Brett Favre's fault, the offensive line didn't do its job as well, being tossed around like a rag doll. Green did run for over 100 yards that's good, not much else however. I keep looking and thinking of something positive to come out of all of this, but as of right now not much however, we must remember that this is Week 1. You're going to have shockers here and there, just look around the league and I'm sure you might find a few. But the shocking loss to the Bears, of all teams, the Packers need a serious wake-up call - NOW!

Mike McCarthy looked more lost than anybody; he had no clue on what to do in my view. For if he did it wouldn't, be 26-0. Did Ted Thompson make a major error here? Would seem like it after the first game, but we all must remember this is the first game. Did Brett make an error in coming back? No, I don't think so, it is up to the coaches to get the team prepared and ready to play.

It became very clear that the Packers were never ready for this game at all. Defense not a bad job Special Team needs a lot of work to do! At the corners, they allowed the Bears receivers too much slack and were fooled too many times! If you're going to play tight, then play tight not allow a 5-yard gap for the receivers to catch the ball! Allowing an 84-yard punt return didn't help. A missed 53-yard field goal didn't help matters much. Longwell would have put one through the uprights, no problem.

Was it just a plain bad day? Let's hope so! Otherwise the Packers will be looking for a new head coach and a general manager - it does go both ways like it or not!

One thing everyone learns in life: "If it's not broke, don't fix it!" I hope that McCarthy and Company has learned a lot from this and gets back on the right track, it's not to late yet!!!

Tom Fast,, Hendersonville, N.C.

Packers organization is a mess, top to bottom
I wrote for the first time after the Cincy debacle. I wanted to write again after watching the game yesterday. Again, I have been a Packer fan all my life (over 50 years). The current situation is nothing but a joke. Harlan should be held accountable for allowing Sherman to remain an incompetent GM for too long. TT is not any better. He has dismantled this team for his own ego. He has let too many quality players go. His replacements have been busts - Klemm, O'Dwyer, Wilkerson, etc. He is too cheap to sign quality players, but then goes overboard by millions on a has-been DB (Woodson). What kind of GM judgment is that? He brings in a coaching staff that is inexperienced and comes from losing backgrounds. Just what TT wants - little "yes" men not strong, dynamic and successful. The coaches looked scared and unprepared yesterday. They look as though they are in way over their heads. The players looked slow and sluggish. If you can't get fired up for the season opener against the Chicago Bears at Lambeau, when can you? The only two players who played yesterday were Kampman and Green.

"We can only get better". "Be patient". "It will take time for these young players to develop". These are only excuses. The rookies on the Bears sure produced yesterday (i.e., the DE, the safety and the punt returner).

We are one of the worst teams in the league. The defense can't pass rush or stop the run; it's mediocre at best. The offense is non-existent. Special teams remain a joke.

How long is it going to take for the coaching staff to get 11 players on the field? The timeout was pathetic yesterday after having the same thing happen during preseason.

What took place during training camp and preseason? Obviously, not much.

I was glad to hear the boos yesterday. I do not expect the team to win every game. However, the current management, coaches and players are not Green Bay Packers. We keep going backwards. We are so far behind other teams.

I see nothing but incompetence without any accountability. The situation is bleak. We have become a laughing stock again (similar to the 1970's and 1980's).

Bobio,, Minnetonka, MN

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