Coach's Corner

Green Bay Packers special teams coach Mike Stock took time with managing editor Todd Korth Monday to answer questions about the Packers' performance against the Chicago Bears on Sunday at Lambeau Field. Here is how Stock responded to questions:

On the punt coverage overall:
"The punt coverage, except for the one, was pretty doggone good. (Jon Ryan) didn't hang the ball as well as I'd like to see consistently, but the punt coverage and tackling were good, except for that one play. Kickoff coverage was good. … Placement protection was good.

"There were some negative things, obviously, the big one was the touchdown which you cannot do. Two guys were out of their lanes."

On kickoff returns:
"We need to improve the ballcarrier coming up behind the wedge and staying behind the wedge. The wedge guys did a pretty good job blocking."

On Dave Rayner's missed 53-yard field goal attempt:
"Snap was good, hold was good, protection was good. He missed it, and he's gonna miss some, but he's got the leg to kick the ball. He was way off left. He was too quick into it. He hit the ball cleanly and yanked it left. He makes the kick, we go into halftime with a little bit of spark and enthusiasm. We get the ball back in the second half. A lot of things can happen. We still got 30 minutes to play in a football game."

On if it a coincidence that he is always wide left when he misses:
"It's not a coincidence. He's got a strong leg and sometimes he's too quick and gets too much of a swing into it and overkicks the ball."

On if nerves were a factor?
"We've been doing this a long time. He kicked off last year for Indianapolis. . I wouldn't say nerves were a factor. He just missed the kick."

On punter Jon Ryan:
"The more reps he gets, the more comfortable he'll feel."

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