Sydney Speaks! Puzzling moves

Like many Packers fans, Harry Sydney has a strong opinion on Packers general manager Ted Thompson's moves in the past week, leading off with the acquisition of troubled wide receiver Koren Robinson. For Sydney, the roster moves raise a number of questions, and a few red flags.

It's only been one game in the 2006 season and already there seems to be a lot of confusion on what direction this team is going. There has been more movement after the loss to the Chicago Bears than any other time I can remember, which means the Packers seem to be grasping at straws or looking for some needle in the hay stack. Here is what I mean!!!

All week there has been a bunch of talking about the signing of Koren Robinson and whether the Packers should have signed him or not. Everyone has a different take. I believe everyone deserves a second chance because none of us are mistake free, but my problem is does it fit the mold of the players that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy have been trying to sell us the Packer fans?

Does he fit the mold of "PACKER PEOPLE" that we have been told they want around here in Green Bay. I know Ted Thompson drafted him while he was at Seattle and I hear Ted say they had a long conversation before they signed him, which is great, but didn't they have that same conversation when they were together in Seattle? I know things are different now because Robinson is at the end of his rope, and what's he supposed to say? This always bothers me about different organizations; they think because a player gets a change of environment all of a sudden the problems are going to go away, but unfortunately that's not the case. Please don't misunderstand me. I hope Robinson gets everything worked out and changes his life around for himself and his family, but let's be real. If you have a drinking problem, Green Bay, Wisconsin, might not be the best place to be.

Saying all that, the Packers signed him for two years because they could get him very cheap and he might just help them on the field in an area that they really need help which is the return game and that's if he can play. But the question is, how long will he be able to play?

This isn't a normal situation because he has already violated his probation by getting caught for drunken driving while with the Vikings, so they released him, and because he was released and not playing he didn't fall under the rules of the National Football League. However, under the rules of the legal system once the Packers signed him he came back under their guidelines. I can't believe as much as the NFL fines guys for uniform violations or late hits or cheap shots, that they are going to let Koren Robinson play for the Green Bay Packers after having his issues without having to pay a price. The penalty could be money, or it could be some form of suspension. If that's the case, how much will he help the Packers?

So let's just say it's a move that I really don't like, but then again it's a move of desperation and anyone can say what they want but things over at 1265 Lombardi are just not making enough sense to me. For example besides the Robinson situation, why would this team let go of Vonta Leach when William Henderson didn't play last week because he has a bad knee? Now they only have one fullback on the roster. What's worse, they are working with David Martin as a replacement fullback, the same David Martin that has had problems staying healthy since he has been here. The last time I checked playing fullback in this offense just might be a more physical task then playing tight end. And I really don't have any problem with the trade of Samkon Gado to the Texans for Vernand Morency because I could see that Samkon was struggling picking up the zone blocking scheme. Maybe Vernand will be able to fill the void as the third down back since Tony Fisher's departure because Ahman Green can't play the whole game.

I guess I'm struggling with the fact that everyone in the world knows the Packers are in a rebuilding year except them. As I look at all the youth on this team I see a bright future that will be filled with growing pains, so I don't understand why last week against the Bears when the game was over Aaron Rodgers didn't get plenty of playing time. I also didn't understand why Charles Woodson was returning punts because what happens if he gets hurt and can't play? Who would take his place in the starting lineup? I don't know about you, but I don't want to see Ahmad Carroll anymore than I have to, but he would be out there and Charles would be sitting on the bench making a potload of money that some think he's stealing already.

I just find this past week's events very interesting. Instead of talking about why this team didn't score any points for the first time in Brett Favre's career, or addressing the lack of a consistent pass rush, or trying to figure out what happened with the punt coverage team and why there weren't any running lanes for the kickoff returners, they spent this week dealing with Koren Robinson whose future is unknown. Then they got rid of their only backup fullback Vonta Leach, and traded for another backup running back. Talk about NOTHING BUT A SMOKE SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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