Reaction to the Action

Here are some e-mails received by managing editor Todd Korth from Packers fans in the wake of Green Bay's 34-27 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

Carroll doesn't belong on the field
Why is Ahmad Carroll still a Packer??? I would have thought he would have been cut in the final cutdown. He is the worst CB in the NFL, and most Head Coaches and Offensive Coordinators know it. They know whenever he is in the game to throw at him, and that you will either get a big play or a penalty. Has anyone posed this question to Mike McCarthy or Ted Thompson??? It's been 3 years, and he's not getting any better. Another one of Sherman's lame draft picks.

Peter Schwind,, Tipp City, OH

Bring back Bates at head coach,
JIM BATES JIM BATES JIM BATES JIM BATES!! If not for only 3 or 4 years while we transition to our new regime of players...why not have a defensive guy as our coach? We would never be out of a game. JIM BATES JIM BATES!

Well, there it is. I'm sure you shall be hearing from next week!:)

Ben Crowell, Infamous, Madison, WI

Despite loss, improvement is evident,
Well, I just got done watching this game and the Packers definitely looked better. Even though we are 0-2, we are supposed to be a rebuilding team. Carolina is 0-2 (last yrs playoff team), Bucs are 0-2 (last yr playoff team), Dolphins 0-2 beaten by the Bills; Culpepper still has not thrown for a TD (high expectations this yr). Need I keep mentioning other teams?

We are the youngest team in the NFL . Give Thompson and McCarthy time. The offense needs more time to gel and so does the defense. Thompson hit a home run with the Jennings, he did make mistakes, but he is a rookie. The guards (remember they are rookies) but they paved the way.

Kampman is worth every penny. Thompson needs to lock up Barnett, and Harris into a long and reasonable contract. Driver, that guy is clutch that's what I call a football player. He is a football player who plays WR, not a WR who plays football.

The future looks good. I wish I knew what we have in store as far as Aaron Rodgers goes.

Go Pack go!

Lou,, Coral Springs, FL

Packers playing better as a team
Well, despite still having no "W" yet, I am very proud of how well our guys played today.

Now they have shown us that they can function as a TEAM, so we can and should expect them to win! They were very much improved, and they really should feel good and positive about their performance today. I'm relieved and glad to see that they are gelling.

I do believe, though, that if they can, make Ahman carry a football everywhere with him and if he fumbles at any time, there will be a nasty consequence (not sure what). His fumbling, unfortunately, is something that we can expect to happen, every game. That needs to be fixed immediately, as he is not a rookie and gets paid too much money to be a fumbler. We count on him. THIS MUST STOP, NOW!! Perhaps he should get some pointers from Tiki Barber?

All in all, our Packers did a great job today, and Brett showed that he still has plenty of fire and talent. He's still "got it" as far as I'm concerned.


Brenda,, Keizer, Oregon

It's time to fire the coach!
Dear Packer Report:
I am still puzzled, perplexed, and disgusted with the Packer front office hiring Mike McCarthy and not Jim Bates as the head coach. Last year at San Francisco, McCarthy was the offensive coordinator of an offense that was ranked 32nd, dead last in the NFL. The 49ers finished 4-12 last year. Hell, Mike Sherman could have accomplished that winning record. Oh, I forgot, he already did.

For the seasons that Jim Bates was defensive coordinator for the Dolphins, I believe it was about five years, his defenses were never ranked lower than tenth in the league.

The Packer pass defense today against the Saints was non-existent. The Saints could have really run up a huge score if they had passed 90% of the time. The run defense did seem to show up for most plays.

If the Packers lose next weekend, I plan to cancel my NFL Package on Direct TV. The only reason I renewed it this year is because I thought I'd enjoy watching Brett play again. As much as I admire Brett, the pass defense almost makes my eyeballs bleed while watching their ineptness.

I have been a Packer fan since the early 60's, since Paul Hornung bought a round of beer for a few of us in a cheap bar in Kansas. He was stationed at Fort Riley at the time.

Bob Harlan needs to retire for hiring Ted Thompson, the GM. The GM should be fired for hiring McCarthy. This is going to be a long and painful season watching the Packers getting their butts handed to them on a weekly basis.

One bright aspect to this pass defense is that they appear to be doing everything they can to see that we get the first pick in the 2007 NFL Draft.

Can the Packers say, "Pass Rush?"

James F. Nesmith,, Upland, CA

Problems all over with Packers,
Why is Ahmad Carroll even still on the team? Who said Nick Collins was any good? Why did we overpay Charles Woodson, whom Thompson signed only because of media pressure to get a "big play guy." I don't think anyone else would have signed Woodson! Why were Gado and Herron returning kicks? They have no breakaway speed.

Brett Favre brought us the glory and was my idol. He looks scared in the pocket now and if we're going to lose every game it might as well be with Rodgers. I've seen enough of Favre's fumbles, lollipop passes in the red zone (New Orleans). Why doesn't he try to run anymore? Who devised the secondary for the New Orleans game? McCarthy better find out field goals won't win a lot of games in the NFL.

Oh by the way, Ryan Longwell has won Minnesota's first two games.. Sighhhhh. 2-14.

Steve,, Detroit MI

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