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Following a meltdown to the New Orleans Saints last Sunday, fans took time to e-mail their thoughts on various issues. Here are some letters received by PackerReport.com and Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth:

Still time to regroup; season is not a washout
All and all a better week for the Packers. HOWEVER, they still have a lot to correct at this time. This time the running game was not there, so Brett played his game like Brett should of played it in the first place in Game 1 and they might have had a better chance. Still, many questions remain as to why the corners give up too much yardage allowing the Saints to score at will when their running game was also halted!!! Fumbles, dropped passes, missed assignments as well is also a problem for the Packers!

The running game can be used as a tool. When you got Brett who can still throw it down the field and keep up with the best of them, but 55 attempts is a lot. However it can be brought down to around 35 attempts a game. Yes, Brett will have an interception here and there, but that's the Brett we all know and have grown to love over the years!

I have been looking back since 1992 and Green Bay started off not so pretty - 1 win, 3 losses, but came back to 9 wins, 7 losses. This shows me that this year is NOT a washout yet! The Packers have no other choice but to play smashmouth in your face type football!

It's quite clear covering man for man does not work at the corners and that a zone coverage might be better! The final blow was a fumble by Green to give the Saints the win! The Saints are a better football team this year no question about that, but not that much better then we are led to believe! All were thinking of last year's 52-3 blowout of the Saints, but that was last year! The same last year the Packers went 4-12! Now it's this year, so time to move on!!

The average age of the Packers is barley 26 years old. That's what I've been reading all over the place. It doesn't matter if the average age is 26 or 36, a win is a win, a loss is a loss! It's time to get out the Fritz Shurmur-type defensive book and study it from cover to cover and to read what's inside of it! And to let Brett play his game his way! Talent - let's see it and also correct the rest of the costly errors that just kills not only a game but a season as well. If indeed the season is a washout, both McCarthy and Thompson will be shown the door and not looking back!!

Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Hendersonville, N.C.

What is going on out there!
Hi Todd,
This is my third email and my thoughts from the prior two still seem to hold. Something is wrong with this organization.

1) Harlan let Sherman become and remain GM for too long. Where is the accountability?

2) TT has a plan? I would like to know what it is? He has never articulated it to the public/fans. It seems to be dismantle and then rebuild. However, many of his personnel and other decisions have not worked.

3) MM and his staff look as though they lack the necessary experience, stature, etc. for success. Why not put a scheme in place that takes advantage of the skills of the players rather than putting in a scheme and then trying to get players to fit into it? Is that good coaching? It seems backwards. Anyway, the zone-blocking scheme is not working. In addition, it is not Packer football. Do we want to become known as cheap shot players? I'll take the offensive line of the Vikings over ours. Again, we have fallen so far behind the other teams in our division and the league.

It is going to be a difficult year. I wonder if we can even win four games this year.

Would somebody explain to me what is going on with The Green Bay Packers!

Bobio, rschneider1975@yahoo.com, Minnetonka, MN

Media must move on from Favre soap opera
The media and everyone else has to get off the Favre issue. Does he want to leave? Does he regret coming back??? Should he be traded ??? That issue has been beaten to death to the point that it is unproductive to the team and the fans. All it accomplishes is to be a distraction. The media keeps it up to sell newspapers, and the fans get hyper and it is just not good for anyone. How do they expect Favre to do his job with all the distractions. Leave it alone. Let's play football!

Steve, branson1@charter.net, Janesville, WI

Fans need to crank it up for the Packers at Lambeau!
I never thought that I would have to write Packer fans and tell them to get off their butts (or ass) . I am ashamed of their lack of not wanting to stand up from the first defense of play till the end of the game and yell or hollar or scream Defense! Defense! Defense! till your throat hurts.

When John Madden said on TV during the fourth quarter at Kansas City that they had the best fans and loudest I was disgusted. I first attended the game called the Ice Bowl and my last game was in 2000 when I lost my best friend. But every game we attended together the Pack never lost at Green Bay. When the Minnesota Vikings beat the Pack I could not hear the fans, and now every game the Pack loses you can tell the fans are not in the game.

Instead of blaming coaches or players, let's get on the fans at the game! If they were held accountable, maybe the team would step it up. When the announcer says, ‘Wow the fans are so loud we cannot hear the other team call audibles, maybe our team will turn it around. But we as fans must not let up when our defense is playing. Please, let's hear some noise! DEFENSE!

Let's rock the house!

Ken Kuhrt, susie_kuhrt@yahoo.com, Hazelhurst, WI

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