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Here are quotes provided by the Detroit Lions public relations department from the Green Bay Packers locker room in the wake of their 31-24 victory over the Detroit Lions at Ford Field Sunday in Detroit:

On how it feels to get his first win:
"That's the way you're supposed to spend Sunday afternoon. It was an excellent win for us, I'm just really happy on how they scrapped and fought for 60 minutes. I'm very pleased with their effort and the outcome."

On how it feels for him personally: "You know, it's great to get the first one and I'm looking forward to many more, but it's really a tribute to the players and the coaches. I thought they had an excellent week of preparation and they go out there and cash in on that performance. I'm very happy for everybody involved."

On how he felt about QB Brett Favre: "We have a number of things that go on at the line of scrimmage, in particular on the road with the crowd noise - I thought he did a great job managing that. We didn't have any things from a decision standpoint, he was 100 percent in that area. His performance in the passing game was excellent. I thought he was very smart with the football - pushed it down the field when the opportunity presented itself, took the check downs. I thought he had an excellent game." On the performance of the offensive line: "Protection was outstanding. The protection unit, I think they did a really good job helping one another and being in-tune with the stress of the protection based on how they were defending us. We got a lot of protection on the check downs; so, I was very pleased as a whole with our passing game."

On if he used a lot of the West Coast offense: "I think so, in the passing game. Our concepts are familiar to what has been seen around here, so we were pleased with that. We just keep banging away at the run game and we'll be able to take advantage of the action pass game that comes off that. Like I said, I'm very pleased with the drop-back passing game and the production of the West Coast offense."

On how he feels about throwing for 400 touchdown passes (in his career):
"I mean what can I say? We needed a win, a lot more than I needed 400 touchdown passes, you know? That's icing on the cake. We have a long ways to go - obviously. We did some good things, in the process throwing for 400 touchdown passes. Like I said during the week, or I've told people, the good thing about that is that I've been able to do it and to be around for a long period of time and it wouldn't be near as special had we lost."

On how he threw the ball to nine different players in the game and if that reflects how the offense is designed: "Well, I think at least in my 15 years with it, it's really built on the short passing game and really in some respects replaces the run. We're trying to establish a running game, but we can be effective throwing the ball underneath to a lot of different guys. We max protect a lot more right now than we have in the past, as opposed to maybe in my early years where we got everyone one-on-one and threw three and five step drops - more three step - but, yeah it is designed to spread it out and I think it's more effective by doing it that way."

On how he took nine or ten check-downs or jump-offs and if that's what they mean by managing the game: "You know, you guys had asked me earlier in the week - I guess it was Wednesday - about being coached different. Right out of the blocks I throw a little five-step drop underneath pass to change the play at the line, I would like to take credit for it but it makes a great play down, makes a great block and right away we're up seven nothing and we really never looked back. It was back and forth a little bit, but I felt we had the upper hand and I think you play differently than when you're playing from behind and when things are going well it's much easier to play. I didn't have to hold the ball in the pocket a great deal. For the most part we stayed in manageable down and distances and for any team, when you're in situations - from a quarterback standpoint - where you can throw 3-yard passes or dump it off, then it's much easier. To answer your question - yeah, I think that's how you manage the game, but I don't want to make a big deal out of it. I went into the game and played it the way I felt like I needed to, I didn't feel like I had to take chances or many chances and when guys are making plays when you can throw it underneath then it makes it a lot easier. I mean, I dumped the ball off numerous times when we got 15-20 yards. Why take the chance and throw the ball down field when you can do that? In fact, there were a couple of plays where I did throw the ball down the field when I probably should have dumped it off. I'm more disappointed about that than the positive plays."

On what it means to keep penalties to a minimum: "Yeah, you know I think as you're watching this game and without watching the film or watching the TV copy, you see some signs of 'oh, this team.' Then all of a sudden you go 'well that's why they're on the fence,' and there are some things we need to clean up and it's not things that the other team is doing necessarily, it's what we're doing or not doing and I'm sure people are back on the band wagon. I don't know. I know that we did some really good things, we made some plays. Plays were really not there for the first third down to Greg (Jennings), we were just hoping to get a first down. I say they - Donald (Driver) and Greg (Jennings) they pick up the signal that I give them, run an X-route, get a good pick and the next thing you know it's a touchdown. So, I mean those are the type of plays that if you are going to be a good team, you have to be able to make - maybe not every time, but you got to be able to make (sometimes). Koren Robinson comes in and really on a busted play makes an unbelievable catch and you know, I think that filters down to other guys. I mean, everybody wants to make a play and everyone was involved today and that's the great thing because we did make some mistakes that had we not made those big plays maybe we didn't overcome because the game still came down to one play. As I'm sitting here in the fourth quarter for the last four, five or six minutes of the game, I'm telling the guys that we got to find a way to end the game and not give it back and I'm as much to blame as anyone else - we won it, but we have to find a way. Unlike last week (when we didn't close it), today we did. We have to do a better job of putting the game away."

On how he feels about the series between the two teams: "Well this one has to go down, you know, I don't know what's hyped for the rest of the season, but today nothing else matters. I've played in a lot of big games and have grown to appreciate wins - period and how hard they are to come by and today was a big one for us; but, when I think of Detroit and our games, whether it be Green Bay or here, I think of two games: the one, the playoff game that I threw the ball to Sterling and the game that we stopped Barry Sanders in Green Bay for no yards. So, there have been a lot of games before, in between and since, but those have to go down as two of the best."

On catching Favre's 400th touchdown pass:
"Anytime you're playing with a guy as great as Brett and you're able to achieve something with him and with the team, and personally to have caught that pass, it definitely means a lot."

On if this was a big statement game for him back in the state of Michigan: "I think that was definitely important to me to come back. I have a lot of friends here watching. You always want to play well, but you don't want to go outside of what you've been doing. You want to keep your focus and continue to do the things that you've been doing."

On if getting a big play at the beginning loosens you up: "It definitely loosens you up. Even when you're able to get a catch early in the game in the first quarter, as a receiver it kind of calms the game down, you have that first catch out of the way and then things start to get rolling."

On his first 100-yard game as a pro making him happy: "Definitely. It's not about the individual stats. I think the biggest thing that's going around in this locker room is excitement from the win. To have an individually good game puts icing on the cake.

On what it feels like to play with the Packers:
"It feels good. We've been together for a couple months working together. There was a couple hard losses early in the season; 0-2. I think we learned form our mistakes and we're getting better. We got a win today, and no matter how you get it, it feels good to get that "W"."

On what Woodson feels the problem with the Lions is: "It's hard to say, I've been watching them for a long time; being in college here and growing up in Ohio and being close to it - it feels like they can't get on the right track. It wasn't for the lack of talent when you had guys like; Barry (Sanders), Herman Moore and (Robert) Porcher - they always had the talent. But for whatever reason they could never pull it off and get it done."

On how satisfying the victory is:
"It feels good. It's not like college football, where you have to win by a certain margin and that determines the BCS at the end; a wins a win in the NFL."

On if he was nervous at the end of the game: 'No, its part of the game. Coach wanted to make a point that we're going to run the ball and try to get a first down; that's what I was trying to do is get a first down. One of the Detroit players made a good play on the ball and that's how it goes. Fortunately enough our defense stood strong and they made a play on the ball."

On if they ran satisfactory today: "Satisfactory yes - can we gat better, yes. We did run satisfactory but there is still a lot of room to get better."

On what the feeling is when the ball pops loose: "When I saw it pop loose, I think I saw Dré Bly pick it up and all I thought was: tackle him. I just wanted to give our defense a shot at stopping their team."

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