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Packers fans offer their thoughts on Green Bay's first victory of the season, a 31-24 triumph over the Detroit Lions Sunday afternoon at Ford Field in Detroit. E-mail your thoughts after each game to managing editor Todd Korth at

Good to see Packers win,
Finally, we got a "W"!!!

To all of you and your fellow "pundits" who said the Pack would lose, I must say it. … "neener, neener, neener!!!"

Our guys functioned just fine as a team, even with Favre being all washed up and all (yes, I love and am using sarcasm). They have shown us that they can work together and win. This is great!

Something must be done about Green's damn fumbling, though. He really needs to seek advice from Tiki, or ride the bench. It's ridiculous!

Anyway, I'm happy that we won today! Have a great week!

Brenda,, Oregon

Offensive line making progress,
I wrote a couple of weeks ago stating it would take three to four games for the O-Line to come together. They showed some good signs of doing that yesterday. Granted they did not face the toughest D-Line in the league, however, this still is the NFL. Good to see Brett not having to run for his life on every down. Big congrats to Brett for his 400 Touchdown.

Jim Kautzman,, Alamogordo, NM

Favre quiets his critics with solid game
Hopefully two good games in a row for Brett will have some critics putting a sock in their mouths for a while. It might only be a week or two but at least there'll be a small reprieve from these Favre bashers.

The win was nice. The team looked good at times. Good, not great. Still too many mistakes and they're being made by veterans. I still think Mike and Ike need to start packing for their trip out of town.....but this week they need to focus on the mistakes that are still being made during the game.

Ingrid Adams,, Jefferson, WI

Change needed with a few defensive coaches,
They have traded and cut guys this year who play, or for lack of play, they need to get rid of. Kurt Schottenhiemer, the pass defense looks like it did the last time he was here. Guess Sherman did some things right and firing him was one of them. And as I said before, fire Sanders and kiss Bates rear side to come back, or upgrade to Washington. We can't out-score too many teams. We have to stop someone and we can't right now.

Steve,, Janesville, WI

Positives and negatives from victory over Lions,
If this is the Packers only victory (it won't be) this year, I'm glad we beat Detroit at Ford Field! There were only three glaring errors in the game that I could see. Noah Herron's fumble in the red zone, Ahman (fumbler) Green's miscue late in the game, and the blown coverage where Williams had time to wait for the ball to land in his arms in the end zone.

Favre looked like his old self. A.J. Hawk played well, so did Corey Williams. Bubba Franks seems to know how to catch again, and Donald Driver was Donald Driver! The young guys on the O line gave Favre plenty of time to throw and Greg Jennings was there again. It's exciting to watch the young guys play (Favre, too) and without major mistakes. We'll win our share of games! LET THE KIDS PLAY!

Steve, ThirdWatchFan1, Detroit, MI

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