Marques Anderson's training camp diary

Editor's note: Rookie defensive back Marques Anderson is providing his thoughts on training camp in the form of a diary for He will give updates on his diary as often as possible throughout his first camp with the Green Bay Packers.<p>

Here is what Anderson, Green Bay's third round draft pick this year, had to say after today's practices:

Aug. 6, 2002: The speed of the game with our defense is not that much different than in college. At UCLA we stressed speed. We stressed getting to the ball. We stressed all of the things that the coaches are stressing right now. In practice, we practice fast. There's no other way to practice. We practice fast so come game time, it seems like everything is in slow motion.

"Whenever you get beat in the defensive backfield, you have to suck it up. Every DB gets beat. Deion (Sanders) gets beat. They say DBs have to have the shortest memories because you have to come back and you have to play. People remember what you did last, so if you get beat, then make a pick and take it to the house, that's what they remember.

"I think I've been making enough big plays in camp. My main concern is just learning this whole package. They have me playing in numerous spots as a key backup right now. So if anybody in the secondary goes down, I'll be ready to hopefully to step in. My biggest thing in this camp is the learning process. The plays will come, but you have to know what you're doing first."

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