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Here are a few letters received this week by PackerReport.com and Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth. This week, a few fans took aim at the underachieving Packers' secondary and also at general manager Ted Thompson.

Veterans in secondary resting on laurels
Question: Why did Al Harris cross the road? To avoid the pile of money that could have been his.

This may not have been funny but my point is that the secondary for Green Bay is a joke. Al Harris made comments about being underpaid and how great of a player he is, but what has he done overall this season other than get burned for a big play every game? Woodson and Manuel are back counting their money and not earning their payday.

The D-line has shown improvement, linebackers have shown improvement, O-line has shown improvement, special teams have shown improvement, basically everyone have shown improvement since the start of the season except the secondary. I also think this is partially a coaching issue since it starts there and apparently isn't getting fixed (adjusted).

This is hard for me since I defend MM and TT, plus support this team instead of most who just complain, but when one group consistently sticks out as a problem, it is hard to ignore.

Monday Night Football is a terrible place to get embarrassed (Harris, Manuel, and Woodson - I am talking to you) since the whole world will be watching. Monday is also my son's 2nd birthday so support my big day with some hustle and smart play as I will continue to support the team.

Matthew Struble, matthew.struble@sbcglobal.net, Naperville, IL

Ted Thompson to blame for Packers' woes
Darren Sharper could not be more correct - Ted Thompson is all to blame for the recent collapse of the Green Bay Packers. Starting with last year's off-season. How does he expect to field a winning team week after week when he starts more rookies and unproven players than veterans and playmakers? He's given Brett Favre nothing to work with. Going into the season with two rookie guards and a second year center, what does this man expect? For example, Mike Wahle may have been asking for too much money, but with all the money this team has, at 27 and in his prime, TT should have gave him that money. Letting Darren Sharper go was horrendous; the only playmaker this defense has had since their Super Bowl days. We just sat back and watched him have a Pro Bowl season in Minnesota (of all places). So he then brings in Arturo Freeman to fill that hole. Give me a break.

We all know Ted insists on building through the draft, and free agency is "dangerous waters," but my God, it doesn't hurt to have a playmaker or two on the team. I can't even get into the decision of letting Jim Bates go and hiring Mike McCarthy as a head coach. That makes me sick. Look at what Bates (with a proven track record) did with this defense in one year. But our brain trust and mastermind Ted Thompson decides to let him walk and bring in a first-year coach who was offensive coordinator of the worst NFL team last year. All because he had somewhat of a past with Brett Favre. Please, and Thompson insists this team is not re-building. He's tearing apart this once respected franchise.

Like Favre said earlier this year, if you bring in Terrell Owens, I'll come back. Get it Ted, that's a big-time playmaker teams need. That doesn't mean bring in Rod Gardner and Marc Boerigter. Just another bad decision and waste of time. Look at what contenders do: Dallas brings in T.O, Seattle brings in Julian Peterson and now Deion Branch, Panthers bring in Keyshawn Johnson, Vikings bring in the best O-lineman and arguably the best FB in the league, Falcons bring in John Abraham, Lawyer Milloy, and the Giants bring in LaVar Arrington a year after Plaxico Burruss. The list only goes on. These teams bring in proven veteran playmakers to fill the holes they had, to get their teams to the next level, in hopes of succeeding. Why doesn't Ted Thompson understand that Marquand Manuel, Ben Taylor, Rod Gardner, Marc Boerigter, Billy Cundiff ... (And we had the most money to spend...).

As a longtime die-hard Packers fan, it hurts to watch this team Sunday after Sunday, poorly coached, with a lack of execution and playmakers. I feel terrible for Brett, William, and Ahman. Hearing Ted Thompson's name and watching his interviews makes me sick. This guy does not know what it takes to win and build a successful franchise. I can only hope it's not going to take too many more seasons like these to get him fired. Thanks Ted.

Zack Sigmund, SjKnights26@aol.com, Saddle River, NJ.

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