Davenport out at least two more weeks

The foot injury that dates back to last December in Miami is still a problem for rookie Najeh Davenport. The fullback won't return to practice for at least two more weeks, according to the Packers' medical staff.<p>

Davenport broke a bone in his left foot during a Miami Hurricanes practice in December was considered a risk when the Packers selected him in the fourth round.

Packer GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman decided that Davenport's talent outweighed the risk.

"It goes back to the draft," Sherman said. "I saw him aggravate it at the (pre-draft) Miami workout. That was fresh in my mind. I just felt like the talent he could bring to us far exceeds the risk.

"I totally was under the assumption that we were going to take him and that we would operate and deal with that. He was a talented man to get in the fourth round."

The staff will reassess the injury after Davenport takes two weeks off and then make a decision on his return, Sherman said. It is possible that Davenport will miss the beginning of the regular season.

Before he was sidelined Davenport showed strength as a backup fullback and halfback.

"While he was out there, he showed tremendous athleticism, speed and a willingness to learn, so I was encouraged by everything," Sherman said. "The foot is a concern, but not a major concern."

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