Coaches' post-game comments

Here are quotes from Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid following the Eagles 31-9 victory over the Packers on Monday Night Football in Philadelphia.


On the injury suffered by quarterback Brett Favre: "We don't have a diagnosis yet, but it was his head and a stinger. We'll know more, but I think he's going to be fine."

On how the Eagles were able to turn the momentum in the second half with big plays: "That's part of football. I really felt the second half came down to big plays. We get the turnovers, but they scored off of their turnovers. They made the big plays on offense. We had a chance to make big plays and we did not. Big plays equal points, and I thought that was a key factor in the way the game got away from us in the second half."

On whether he is concerned with the secondary giving up big plays: "Am I worried about it? We just have to keep working and we have work to do. I thought that our defense played pretty well in the first half so there's evidence that we can do and do it right. We'll continue to work to do it that way for sixty minutes."

On whether he plans to personnel changes in the secondary: "We'll evaluate everybody tomorrow. That's part of our process in going into the film. There will be no decisions made tonight."

On how the Packer defense was able keep the Philadelphia offense in check in the first half: "I just thought we adhered to our game plan. I thought our defense was physical and I thought they did a good job of swarming to the ball particularly against the run. They're a big-play offense and we made the big plays inside of the red zone early. That's what we needed to do in the second half and did not. For the most part, I thought the offense we were working on establishing the run. I thought we were running the ball physically. I thought the pass protection was good early, but once you get behind like that you're playing uphill and that's a game you don't want to play."

On the play of running back Vernand Morency: "He's a different type back than Ahman [Green]. That's part of why we traded for him. He's a good change of pace back. Once again I thought he had an opportunity tonight to touch the ball 30 plus times and I thought he competed and battled."

On whether Favre is less of a gambling quarterback in his offensive system than in the past: "As far as his gambling-ability, it's really based on him running the completion-oriented offense. I think it illustrates the way we play. We've been playing hot-sided protection and three and five-step drops, so I guess that makes him less of a gambler. But I wasn't here before, so I can't really comment on his past."

On Favre's reaction to being injured: "He just shook it off. He said he got hit in the head and he had a stinger. I don't think it's serious, but we'll know more when we get back inside."

On whether Favre got looser with the ball after the Packers fell behind in the game: "I thought he had the one poor decision – the interception late down the middle of the field. Late down the middle…you guys have heard me say it before. But I thought for the most part, he did a good job. We had a bunch of run-pass checks at the line, and he gave our receivers opportunities to make plays. I thought from a game-management standpoint, he managed the game pretty well and was trying to spread the ball around."

On whether the problems in the secondary can be corrected: "Like anything, if you've seen it done right, you have something to hold on to. I've seen this secondary, and I've seen every phase of our football team do it correctly. The problem is that we're not doing it correctly for sixty minutes. That's what I want. If I didn't think they could do it correctly, there would be a change. I've seen it with my own eyes, I've seen it in training camp, and I've seen it in pieces of the game. We didn't do it for sixty minutes, and we're just not there right now."

On the Packers' three-guard rotation on the offensive line: "We started with Tony [Moll] and Daryn [Colledge], and then we started rolling Jason [Spitz] in there at right guard. I think that's very healthy because all three of them are on a pretty even plane in regard to where they're at in their experience. We'll just keep working with that combination. All signs look like they went out there and competed, and I think they got better today."

On fullback William Henderson not traveling with the team to Philadelphia: "William was able to stay home. He flew in today due to personal matter. He was with his newborn baby."


Opening remarks: "We started out very slow. I don't think we came out of the gates like we had in the past but the sign of a good football team is that you can buckle down and change the wrongs to rights. We did a better job in the second half. It surely wasn't flawless football but there were some good things we did in the second half. Obviously, we'll have to play better this coming week against the Dallas Cowboys. I was proud of our secondary, the corners in particular. We're a little beat up there a little bit and guys stepped in and competed against a great quarterback, a quarterback who's very hot and started off hot this game. They buckled down and competed like crazy. For our defense to hold them out of the end zone, my hat's off to them."

On the sequence of plays at the end of the first half: "That was terrible. We did okay up to a point. We ran a fake field goal and that's my responsibility. We weren't able to see the safety back there in the safety position. I blew that one. That's my fault."

On what changed offensively in the second half:
"We were a little bit sluggish the first half. We started doing a no huddle at the end of the second half, excuse me, at the end of the first half. I thought that gave us a little boost. Greg Lewis had a heck of a game. He came in and just ran some very pretty routes in there."

On Donovan McNabb's ability to run for first downs: "Those were big. He ran for a couple of first downs. They played a little bit of two man against us with two safeties deep and man coverage underneath. With that the quarterback has an opportunity, he's got the freedom to run there. He did that and did a good job."

On whether the sluggish start was because of Brian Westbrook not being available: "I don't think first of all that should be the reason and second of all I'm not sure that was the reason. Things weren't clicking, we dropped a couple of balls, and had a couple of fumbles. The good part about it was we started catching the football and Buck had some nice carries down the stretch there."

On Donovan McNabb's first touchdown: "It was a called draw."

On whether Donovan McNabb's running took the steam out of the Packer defense: "Well, I'm not going to say it broke their back, but that's hard when your quarterback … he's done that before against them a couple of years back. When you think you have the team backed up there a little bit, then they do a nice job with the coverage and the quarterback takes off and runs and picks up a first down. That's tough on the defense."

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