Quotes from the locker room

Here are some quotes from the Packers and Eagles locker room after Green Bay's 31-9 loss on Monday night in Philadelphia. Comments from Ahmad Carroll, Nick Barnett, Aaron Kampman, Donald Driver, Vernand Morency, Donovan McNabb and more!


On his play in the game: "There were four big plays and some of them were on me. I helped to give away the momentum to the Eagles. I take this loss and put it on my shoulders because I (bleeped) … excuse me. I told the secondary that I messed up I have to play better when we go in next week and play St. Louis. I know what I am accountable for and I know what I did wrong."

On if the secondary did not communicate well: "It is not on the secondary out there tonight. I gave up the big plays and when you look at the film there is nothing to see out there - I made the mistakes. I gave up the big explosive plays and did not do what I needed to do. I gave up one of the touchdowns and it seemed to change the momentum."

On if it was technique or something else: "I am going to just watch film and get back on the field on Wednesday and correct my mistakes and move on and be ready for St. Louis. You can put the finger on me tonight because we executed until the third quarter. Four plays cost us the game and I did not make the plays."


On his disappointment of the Packers play in the second half: "It was definitely disappointing that we did not finish in the game. We had to go out and not make any mistakes and we just did not make the plays. We made some mistakes and just seem to give them the game."

On the Packers getting beat on big plays: "We will have to watch the films and once again we have to go out and make the plays. We have to play with good technique and play better mentally. The momentum seemed to change after the Eagles scored twice. The Eagles went deep twice and they made plays and we have to be the ones that make plays. We cannot allow that. We played sound in the first half and needed to do the same in the second half."

On the play of Eagles QB McNabb: "We need to make the plays because McNabb is the kind of player that makes plays. He will run out of the pocket and you have to be able to stop him. I will have to watch film but you hate when a team is third and 10 and makes the plays. We were able to hold them again but then we would have a mental breakdown."

On their play when they play in Philadelphia: "I do not know what it is about this place. When we come to Philly we just have to play. Unfortunately we were not able to come in here the last couple of years and play as well. We did last year keep the game pretty close. We have just been not making enough plays here and not getting enough turnovers. We need to play better mentally."


On what happened in the second half: "Things were going well for us but then the momentum seemed to swing in their favor. It got out hand pretty quickly and I know that we will get things figured out. Regardless of how you loss it is tough but we just need to get things fixed. It is not rocket science and we have a good team and we will figure it out."

On the changes the Eagles made in the second half: "The Eagles were able to make the plays and you have to give them credit. The Eagles are a good team and you have to give it to them and that is why they are the top of their division. They are a good veteran team and they can make the plays. We just did not play as well as we needed to."

On his frustration of the big plays in the second half: "Sometimes this is just how it goes and this is what can make this game tough. Once the Eagles got the momentum it was tough to get it back. They made the good plays and we were not able to when we needed to. That is what it came down to."


On the play of the defense in the second half: "It is a frustrating game and I am sick of coming to this place. We came in at halftime and we were ready to go. I do not know what happened and we have to find a way to correct it. We were prepared and we came into the game swinging. We need to continue to have takeaways and we did it in the first half and we have to be able to do it in the second half."

On the two turnovers in the first half: "It was huge that we were able to get two turnovers in the red zone and that is a huge momentum booster when that happens. We were able to do this in the first half but we did not make the plays in the second half. We just have some things we have to work on.

On the play of the defense after they came out of the locker room at half: "It may sound corny, but they simply made the plays and we did not. On the defensive side of the ball we have up some big explosive chunks of yardage out there. We have to find a way to get that fixed and when we blitz more than four guys we're leaving the guys on the back end out to dry. If we do not get there we are leaving them out in an island."


On his feelings after losing the game: "This one hurt. Just like the other ones. We left a lot of plays out there, especially on that key catch. If I catch that one, we at least get a field goal or a touchdown out of that and I basically gave that drive away."

On how much of the blame is to be put on the passing game: "No, I guess I put the blame on myself. If I catch that one then the game changes. We had the momentum going our way and I let that one slip. It was me trying to catch with my body. I never catch with my body. I guess that's a lesson I have to learn, don't catch with your body."

On whether he thought they were still in the game going into the third quarter: "We felt like we were still in the game. We were leading at half time. We thought we had the momentum going our way. But when you don't make those catches it shifts and at that time we missed a field goal and the momentum shifted their way."

On whether there were options left open due to the injuries in the Eagles secondary: "Yeah. We felt like we could have taken them but we didn't make the plays we had to make and we left a lot out there. It's something that makes us all have to look at ourselves, especially me, myself – I just have to look at myself and say I didn't play well."

On whether he felt the momentum change after the missed field goal in the third quarter: "Yeah, it just seemed like it went down hill after that. We just didn't make the plays down the field that we needed to make and that's what hurts more than anything."

On whether he thought that he had the touchdown in the back of the end zone: "I thought I was in, but from upstairs they said I would have been out so I don't know."


On whether he was kicking the ball well tonight: "Yeah, field goal wise. Kick off wise I didn't think I hit the ball great. Field goal wise I had no problems. There was no wind, holds were great, snaps were great. It felt good the whole night."

On whether he proved himself in the game: "Yeah, I obviously have a long way to go but nobody said I had kicked any long field goals in games. Monday Night Football? Pretty big game! Hit a pretty big field goal! I hoped to quiet some people down a little bit but we'll see."


On whether he was preparing to be the starter: "Everyday when we go to practice I prepare as if I were the starter. If [Packers RB] Ahman [Green] was gone or not I felt comfortable and ready to go."

On what caused the fumble near the end zone: "I was just trying to get back. I saw a hole and I tried to get there to soon and I closed the pocket."

On what QB Brett Favre had to say to him after the fumble: "Just make sure you have two hands on the ball and those kinds of things."

On how disappointing it was to not get a touchdown with first and goal: "It is definitely disappointing. You want to leave here with a touchdown. You want to leave here with something to move on with. And we didn't get in so it's definitely frustrating. We're going to go back to Green Bay and get things right."

On whether he thinks he can be productive in the Packers offense if he is a long term starter: "Definitely. Like I said, I am going to go out, prepare like I'm the starter and just hold it down until Ahman comes back."

On what good comes out of the game: "I guess just film. Film - where you can go back and correct the mistakes. I guess that's it."

On whether there were some positive moments in the game: "All that goes to waste when you go into the locker room with a loss. So like I said the only positive thing is when you have film and you can go in and correct your mistakes."

On whether he felt the defense playing him tighter as the game went on: "It's not really about them, it's about us. We just need to go out there and compete like we always do. And whatever coach calls we just have to go out and execute."


On rushing for two touchdowns: "I looked up on some of the highlights and I saw Peyton Manning score, so I had to outdo him."

On the turnovers in the red zone: "We left a lot of points out there on the field. Anytime you get in the red zone, that's not us to turn the ball over or not come out with points. To sustain a great drive and get down there and end it off that was is just not us. To get down there before the half, I tried to get the ball away and just wasn't able to. I just protected the ball and was hoping we were in good field position to get a field goal or something. You just try to find a way to eliminate the sacks or eliminate the turnovers to come out with points. We left a lot of points out there on the field today."

On the difference between the first and second half of the game: "There were opportunities at the start of the second half that we just didn't capitalize on. If it was a throw, or whatever it may be, I put all the pressure on my shoulders because I have to make some better throws. There were opportunities to do other things. I think the good thing about it is that we were able to get the first downs to get a drive to put ourselves in position in the second half. But, like I said, we left too many points on the field. We all just have to be critical of ourselves and watch the film and come out next week."

On connecting with WR Greg Lewis: "Knowing that they were going to play a lot of man coverage, the mindset was ‘touchdown to check down.' I guess that's an old cliché that coaches use, but in this situation that's what we had to go by. Greg Lewis came in and was able to get a little separation on the first touchdown. On the second touchdown, he came across the field when they were in man coverage and they just lost him. I just tried to put it in position where he can catch and pick up yards. He did a great job of making a move and getting in the end zone. Plays like that from guys like Greg and Hank [Baskett], to come in and make plays when they're rotating in is big for us. Reggie [Brown] and Donté [Stallworth] are going to make plays, but it's important that the guys that rotate in be able to play a major part in that as well."


On his interception:"It was a bit of a broken play. [Packers QB] Brett Favre was spinning around and he saw the tight end deep. We were in man-2 and I saw the tight end as well, and I knew he was going to try to get it in there and I just broke in front of him."

On keeping the Packers out of the end zone: "That was crucial, man. We pride ourselves once we get in the red zone to keep them out of the end zone and just give up three points. There were just some huge stands down there."

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