Sydney Speaks! A world of hurt's Harry Sydney assesses Green Bay's 31-9 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night. Sydney critiques the coaching, offense and defense, and trys to sort out the mess that the team is in at this point of the season.

As I watched the game against the Eagles, so many things came to mind. I watched what everyone in the world was watching and that's a team in confusion and not really knowing what direction it is going, as well as a team that doesn't seem to know how to make adjustments. I saw no method to the madness, or much more, I saw coaches maybe asking the players to do some things they can't do. Let me explain!!!!!!

I see a great coaching philosophy by Mike McCarthy which is moving the chains by nickel and diming the ball downfield by having Brett Favre playing under control and showing patience by delivering the ball to all his targets. The problem is that this team just isn't good enough to go on 80-yard drives. As we saw on Monday night they are good enough to do it against a team like the Lions.

Another problem I had with some coaches' decisions is that early in the game they have to throw it deep to back off the secondary, especially when they were sitting on the slant routes as if they knew they were coming, and they did because the Eagles almost had a couple more interceptions. Adjustments can't be an afterthought.

Also, another problem I had with the offensive game plan is why isn't Koren Robinson being used more, because anything he can do is better than what Robert Ferguson is doing. Also, I'm really confused on the William Henderson situation. As a staff they deactivate him for the game and leave him home, knowing that Ahman Green has hurt hamstrings and may not play which would leave only Noah Herron, Vernand Morency and Brandon Miree as running backs against a team that likes to blitz a lot. If that's the case, Brett Favre might need to audible more than normal. I know that William might be getting old, but I would bet that his presence might allow Brett to be a little more comfortable considering that he might trust him more than somebody just coming off the practice squad.

Also, why was Brett left in the game when the outcome was determined? I thought the way this game unfolded was a perfect opportunity to get Aaron Rodgers some playing time because if not now, then when?

And as for the defensive coaching, what did the staff do at all the minicamps and the OTA's? I know teams are running more hurry-up offenses, but to have to resort to having to wear bands on their arms, so that everyone is on the same page is ridiculous. I have seen more blown assignments in four games than I might have seen all last year.

Another thing that I don't understand is how can there not be a spy on Donovan McNabb considering how many times he has killed this team running the ball? Someone help me understand it please because what I saw was him sending out his receivers and they were getting a dose of man-to-man coverage as they would run everyone off. All McNabb had to do was get past the rushers and then take advantage of all the running room, which he did.

Well that's what I saw. As you can tell I'm not sure what the coaches were trying to accomplish on either side of the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hat's off to Vernand Morency. I thought he ran hard and showed some quickness, but he can't put the ball on the ground. He needs to catch the rock, especially in the middle of the field because tipped balls will kill a team. Speaking of drops, the two that Donald Driver had were killers - one was a sure touchdown and the other would have kept the chains moving. And as for Bubba Franks, he's a veteran and he can't get a penalty in a crucial situation like he did early in the game on a third and short. That's inexcusable. And as for Greg Jennings, again all he does is make plays. He is vastly becoming the most consistent offensive threat and it appears that Brett Favre is looking for him more and more each game.

Hat's off to the offensive line - another game without allowing a sack. Sure, Brett got hit at times, but the line protected for the most part very well I thought. As for Brett, I thought he was in control most of the time until later in the game when he tried to force it, which was evident by the fact that he only had passing yardage around that 200 mark. I believed that Brett executed the game plan very well but the only problem was that the game plan left a lot to be desired.

This secondary is a joke. It's a laughing matter. I don't know if the pressure to have a big year is affecting Al Harris or not, but what I am seeing from him is sad. His technique is horrible and average guys are running by him like he is standing still.

At least Charles Woodson did cause a fumble and he had no penalties. I just hope that Ted Thompson was watching the same game that I was because the guy that he signed from Seattle - Marquand Manuel - is worse than Mark Roman. Manuel can't cover anyone and can't, or won't, tackle in the open field.

As bad as these guys are, nothing and no one compares to Ahmad Carroll. He just doesn't get it. He can't, because no one can play that bad on 10 plays then pound their chest after making one play, can they? And get it? Someone has to tell him he's horrible, don't they? I could say so much more, but I don't want to. I will say for everything Ahmad Carroll isn't, A.J. Hawk is and I hope he never changes.

As a real football fan we know what we are seeing. Even though some don't want the words to escape their lips, they don't want to acknowledge the truth and that is that the Green Bay Packers are in a WORLD OF HURT.

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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