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Here are some e-mails received by managing editor Todd Korth in the wake of Green Bay's 31-9 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday in Philadelphia. E-mail your thoughts on the Packers after each game to

No reason for Favre to be playing late in game
Why was Brett still in the game late in the 4th quarter? The game was out of reach … and he got hurt! I think McCarthy's so out-coached. Mike and Ike are a couple of monkeys sticking together and neither one of them knows how to peel a banana!!!

Reading Harry Sydney, he watched the same game I did. Beyond bad. He asks the same thing I'm sure many fans are asking. Why was Brett still in that game? Maybe Mike and Ike can take Carroll with them. Between the three of them they might figure out how to peel a banana, but then they'd have to figure out what to do with it. I can tell them what to do with it!

Ingrid Adams,, Jefferson, WI

Coaching changes are in order
Fellow Fans:
I am as disappointed as many of you at our loss on Monday night. I was very proud at our effort during the first half, but after that our beloved Pack fell apart, and got me trying to figure out what was happening.

I believe we need to look at our coaching to try and turn this team around. If you look at many of the successful coaches around the league: Bill Cowher, Mike Holmgren, John Fox, etc., one characteristic they share is they are not afraid to show how they feel on the sideline. They yell, they jump and run over to players and are not afraid to criticize even the highest-paid players. They are the leaders of the team and it is easy to see how devoted they are because it is evident by the way they act.

One thing I really disliked about Mike Sherman was his lack of emotion, and McCarthy seems to share this trait. Look at Jim Bates last year. Same players for the most part (we were told we "upgraded"), but he had our defense fired up for every game, and they played that way. We are missing this important part this year.

The other criticism I have for our coaching has to do with our secondary. Ahmad Carroll has gotten abused at the cornerback position for almost two years now, and he still remains at that position. I am not sure what it will take before they either release him or move him to safety, but he is not able to play cornerback effectively. The Eagles scored how many points on him, and don't you think the other teams that we play are noticing that? There is a reason teams pick on the same position every week - it is working! If Carroll could step up his play I am sure he would, but he cannot keep up or keep his hands off of recievers, so move him. That is what a coach does, he looks at his players and makes changes. I don't know if someone sees something the rest of Wisconsin doesn't, or if they just don't want to admit wasting a first round draft pick, but something needs to be done. For two years we have not made an adjustment, and look at our record.

I hate being negative, and I hate looking at the Packers as a business: I think much more of the Pack than that. We do need to look at what is going on, what other teams do that is effective, and what we are doing wrong, and try and fix that. It is up to the coach to be a leader and show that and make the changes necessary to bring our team back. No matter the record, no matter the weather, Go PACK!!!

Jason Eckes,, Deforest, WI

Packers were good for 41 minutes
The Packers looked tough and ready to play for the first 41 minutes, then a total "implosion." Ahmad Carroll proved again that he is a liability to the Packers' defense. I've asked this question a few weeks ago, and I am going to ask it again: "Why is Ahmad Carroll still a Packer"???? It is his third year in the league and he's as bad now as what he was as a rookie. It is time for the Packers to waive or see what they can get on trade. But I doubt many teams would want him, they all know he's the worst CB in the NFL. Another one of Mike Sherman's lame draft picks.

Peter Schwind,, Tipp City, Ohio

Beware of slipping in to losing mentality
Good morning Todd,
It's 9:30 a.m. on the East Coast and my blood has been reduced to a mere simmer, down from boiling last night! I have been breaking last night's game down for the past few hours, trying to see some logic, some good in it. I'm not sure that I can based on the facts I have.

I know we went in to the locker room at halftime with the lead. However you could see breakdown occuring during the first half. Dropped passes by Bubba Franks, unable to capitalize on two Philly turnovers, and other telltale signs. Then we come out for the second half, and here is the way I see it. The Eagles under former Packer Coach Andy Reid are winners. This team came out in the second half and went in to fourth gear! The Packers on the other hand, losers, came out in the second half, downshifted and lulled around in low gear. In other words losing is just as much of a mindset as winning is.

Our second half, in my mind, was blown by our veterans. Donald Driver dropping passes, Ahmad Carroll getting burned on every pass play. Carroll is always good for a TD or two with his penalties setting up the opposing team. McNabb knew Carroll would be soft. Why Carroll is still in the NFL is beyond me. Another poor move by Mike Sherman an inexperienced coach and general manager. What Harlan was thinking of when he gave Sherman the GM's job is beyond me. There seems to be no accountability within the organization for BAD decisions. All that said, perhaps we can trade Carroll to the Texans. Sherman loved him so much once, he can learn to love him again!

Now let's talk about No. 4. I get so angry when I see McCarthy sniping at QB Brett Favre on the sidelines during the game. I wish he would do the same to Carroll, Franks and Driver when they are making mistake after mistake. It's time the executives, GM and Head Coach of the Packers let go of their egos and arrogance and realize that for 14 years No. 4 has been the cash cow of the organization! If I hear Harlan take credit one more time for the new stadium, etc. I might get sick. No No. 4, no new stadium! Fans show up at 1265 Lombardi Ave, and tune in on national television to see Brett, not Bob Harlan, not John Jones, not Ted Thompson, no one but Brett.

When was the decision made by Packer executives that our beloved, storied franchise would be the training ground for first-time coaches? Sherman, McCarthy and the likes thereof had never been head coaches at any level. McCarthy has never been with a winning program which leads me to believe he just flat out doesn't know how to win! All that said with a first time, first year head coach was he given any direction on the hiring of his coordinators and assistants? This batch of assistants and coordinators look like floor sweepings, has-beens, ne'er do wells, whatever. Why do we hire Kurt Schottenheimer - AGAIN? This special teams coach is useless, the opposing teams have excellent field position on the majority of returns. It's clear McCarthy's inexperience is glaring in every game as is the ineptness of his assistants.

While I am on the topic of front office personnel, let's talk about Thompson. All preseason he has said the Packers are not rebuilding. If that is the case, then tell us the fans, the owners what his philosophy is, what direction he is taking the team and how he plans to get there! I just wish once Harlan and Jones would make a decision other then to pay the phone bill! I hope and pray that at some point soon we will have the right people in place, GM, Coaches, etc to honestly rebuild and return to glory. But Mike M and his staff don't appear to be the answer.

To sum this all up, poor hiring by Harlan, poor decisions by those he hired and now Jones sitting quietly on the sidelines has gotten the Packers to where they are today. Are we going to return to the days where players were threatened to be traded to GB if they didn't perform, where no one wants to come to Titletown? I say not! Fans, let's keep the pressure on the front office with letters, phone calls, boycotts, whatever it takes for Harlan and Jones to bring back the Glory to the Green 'n Gold. Colors that should be worn proudly and with honor. Players proudly saying, "I play for the Green Bay Packers." Tomorrow starts today in Green Bay, Wisconsin!

Game Ball Dave Rayner!

Mike Fosso,, an angry, passionate fan from Manchester, CT

2006 Green Bay Packers are simply … lousy
Hi Todd,
Well, my fellow Packer watchers, are you surprised by the outcome of this latest game? I say "watchers" and not fans because right now, I am not a fan of anything I see from this team. OK, ok, we won last week against Detroit. SO WHAT! Big deal. That followed a pathetic showing at home where a 13-point lead was coughed up. No one fears Lambeau Field anymore, folks! Sorry to say, but it's true. Just ask around.

And on the back end of last week's game was this Monday night extravaganza in Philadelphia, where Brett Favre has yet to win a game. Even in '97 when they went to their second straight Super Bowl (and lost), they lost one of three games they would lose that year in Philly. He will retire and surely be a Hall of Fame quarterback having never beaten the Eagles in Philly, nor Dallas in Dallas. Brett is quickly approaching the record for most TD passes thrown. He is even closer to having thrown more interceptions than any other quarterback, too. The latter will come first, mark my words. Sure, some of these passes bounce off of the potential receivers. If they can't catch a ball, cut them. Donald Driver, Noah Herron, Maurice Whatever his last name is. Change can do a team some good. If Brett can't keep the ball out of defenders' hands, bench time. O-line holds on a critical third down, bench time. DB commits penalty, bench time. Ahmad Carroll should be arrested for theft. He is actually getting paid to fail at his job week in and week out. Ahmad … you can't cover me. Slant, post, crossing route, hitch route, deep ball. Anytime, any place, let's go. You can't cover me without a yellow flag. My email is below, let's set it up. Bet me one week's pay. Mike McCarthy, you KEPT him. You actually released someone to keep Ahmad Carroll on this team. I feel like I might be qualified to coach in this league if that kind of decision making is acceptable. And apparently it is. Week 4 and you still have a job.

This team is bad. Flat out. There are college teams that could handle these guys. They are mediocre. They have made no progress over last year and continue to find ways to take themselves out of games. They continue to find ways to make no name players and struggling players look like Pro Bowlers. It's pathetic. I'm embarrassed to be associated with this team. Please let your team know how disappointed you are in them. Write, boo, or boycott. It's the only way to get the message across.

Jason, Chandler,, Phoenix, AZ

Defense is absolutely horrendous,
Every game so far I've caught myself asking the same questions each week. Like why is Ahmad Carroll still on this team? Why did we pay so much for the play we get from Woodson and Manuel each week?

I'm pretty impressed by the offensive line's production so far as they appear to get better each week, but the defense is horrendous, especially the secondary. Both young and old are getting nothing accomplished other than giving the game to each team. I can only imagine what Al Harris is thinking about. I bet it isn't how much money he deserves.

I can only look to Ted Thompson for these problems. He let Jim Bates go despite making a complete turnaround in the defense in one year's time, all so he could get one of the worst offensive coordinators of 2005 just because he has "attitude." Thanks to his penny-pinching and conservative free agent play we got stuck with washed up Woodson, a never been Manuel, and a slew of other cheap buys who, as expected fizzled out the second they were paid.

I was born a Packer fan and shall remain one but it really is disheartening to watch them perform the way they tend to do. Id hope Ted's job and decisions are under a much closer watch.

Alex Dwyer,, Kenosha, WI

Dark times in Green Bay
Dear Todd,
Earlier in the year I defended Ted Thompson in the selection of a new head coach and actions in the free agency and draft. I live in Viking territory and the Packers are humiliating themselves. On national television no less.

I had hopes that coaching would bring it around even as the season progressed. Coaches are supposed to be teachers having players learn from their mistakes, but WHAT IS THIS ARM BAND TO TELL THE PLAYERS WHAT TO DO ON EACH DEFENSE??? They continue to play poorly, which is an understatement of the defensive secondary. Al Harris is certainly showing himself not to be worthy of his present salary let alone an increase. The acquisition of Marquand Manuel thought to be an upgrade in the defense has turned out to be a complete loss, if not a downgade. Then we get to Ahmad Carroll, playing Tarzan, thumping his chest after one good tackle is ridiculous. Ted, I think you have had your chance and the result is lousy. Something has to be done and some changes made because continuing at this rate the only chance of another win will be against Detroit. It's a long season, I wear Green and Gold after each Packer win and black when they lose. I need you to find a way for me to strike Gold again.

Dr. Vince Winter,, Minnetonka, MN

Changes needed in secondary,
It was disappointing to see that we hung in there in the first half, and came out flat in the second. The secondary keeps giving up the big play. Kurt Schottenhiemer needs to be fired now, and Ahmad Carroll needs to either get cut, or play special teams only.

We failed to contain McNabb and he killed us with his feet. Favre needs another WR or TE to step it up. Favre also threw those two costly INT's, and you can't give the game away in that manner.

We have another offensive powerhouse next week in the Rams, and they are going to do the same thing go long, unless we fix the changes in the secondary and get rid of Schottenhiemer. And stop turning the ball over, rookie or not you cannot turn the ball over.

Lou,, Coral Springs, FL

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