Golden opportunity

To say that Koren Robinson has fritted away chances in his career is indeed an understatement. Robinson has been given more chances to succeed in football than most players will ever get, yet has wasted them because of alcohol. Robinson is on his third NFL team since 2001 with the immediate future of his pro career hanging by a thread.

But that's something Robinson is trying not to think about too much this week, at least after he dodged yet another bullet in his pro career. The receiver was in Seattle on Wednesday for a court appearance stemming from a probation violation in August in Mankato, Minn. A Kirkland, Wash., judge ordered that Robinson serve a 90-day jail sentence starting no later than Feb. 28. The judge could have ordered Robinson serve the sentence immediately, but now he can wait until after the football season.

Who knows why the judge decided to be flexible with Robinson's sentence? Maybe it is because of his football career. Maybe it is because he has another court date set for Oct. 17 in Minnesota for a case in which he is charged with six criminal counts, including DUI after a high-speed chase Aug. 16. Robinson declined to elaborate, but is thankful.

Though Robinson's recent history off the field is disappointing at best, he will get yet another opportunity to put it behind him. At the same time, he will have a greater role in Green Bay's offense this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams due to Robert Ferguson's foot injury. Ferguson is not expected to play against the Rams, leaving the door open for Robinson.

Let's hope he makes the best of both of his opportunities. The approachable Robinson seems sincere, at least when you speak with him in the locker room. He seems like he is trying to right his wrongs off the field. He seems sincere. Time will tell, but maybe, just maybe he'll put his mistakes of drinking and driving behind him. Maybe he'll stay away from alcohol for good. The Packers organization can only hope, because he can be a great receiver as well as a solid citizen.

As it stands, it sure seems like Robinson will succeed. Why? Why can he in Green Bay when he never has succeeded anywhere else? A couple of reasons: His back is against the wall in a very lucrative profession, and Brett Favre. Just a hunch, but I feel Favre, who has overcome an addiction of his own to painkillers, can help straighten Robinson's life out off the field, and on the field as well. The first thing Favre said to Robinson when the receiver arrived in Green Bay in early September is that he'll be there for him if he needs anything.

Maybe that's why Robinson can usually be seen joking around with teammates, smiling and fitting right in with the Packers. He's got support in the form of Favre, and general manager Ted Thompson, who is put his own career on the line by signing Robinson.

If Robinson can contribute on Sunday, great. If he can continue to contribute positively to society, even better. He's got yet another opportunity, and now it will be up to him to make the most of it. Something tells me, he will.

Todd Korth

Todd Korth is managing editor of and Packer Report. E-mail him at

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