Packers-Rams quotebook

Here are some quotes from the Green Bay Packers and St. Louis Rams locker rooms in the wake of the Rams' 23-20 victory Sunday over the Packers at Lambeau Field.

On what happened on the last play? Did someone miss a block?

"I don't think it was a matter of someone missing a block. I think it looked like Little got the edge on Tauscher or Brett didn't step up in the pocket, one or the other. I haven't seen the replay but he was able to get his hand on the ball."

Has to be a frustrating end, right?
"It was a very disappointing loss. We were in position to win the football game. We were playing to win at the end, and they made a big play. Turnovers continue to plague us, and we need to get that fixed. I don't know what else to tell you."

What happened to Spitz?
"Spitz is hurt, he's actually in the hospital right now. He's going through testing. He had something in the stomach area - they're running tests as we speak."

How critical was the interception that Al Harris dropped?
"It's a big play opportunity. You have a number of big play opportunities on both sides of the ball if you break it down. You're looking at 10 to 15 a game, and you need to make those. That was an opportunity for us that got away. There were a number of other opportunities too, as you went through the game that maybe weren't so apparent as that particular play. We're not making enough plays right now."

How did Dendy play today?
"My gut is that he played pretty solid. I thought the defense played pretty well, particularly in the second half. We put them in bad field position over and over again. It was a game of peaks and valleys, and I thought they hung tough. My sense is that he played pretty well."

Go back to Morency out of necessity or prefer to give Herron a blow?
"My goal was to get a mix of those two guys. I was concerned about wearing Noah out during halftime because of the number of carries he did have. Obviously, the way the game went it did'nt really factor. That was my decision."

Morency's future in doubt?
"No, his future is not up in the air. But we need to get that (fumbles) fixed."

Lots of football left - how do you keep your team focused?
"There's a lot of work left to do, a lot of games to be played. I think it's evident the way our football team plays that that's not a concern of mine. We're not cashing in when it counts, and that's really what it comes down to. If you want to get into all the statistical analysis and start talking about all different things, that's great. But when the offense isn't doing good, the defense picks them up, and vice versa. Same thing with special teams. It's the three phases coming together, make plays in accordance to do whatever you need to do to win. We're not doing that right now."

On getting field goals instead of touchdowns

"You never know how many points are enough. You never know that, when you get an opportunity, if that's the last one. You can never wait until the end."

On the fumble that cost Green Bay the game
"I got the ball knocked out of my hand. I think it was the only sack of the game, and, of course, it came at the wrong time ... I thought the line did a fine job today. Tausch (Mark Tauscher) feels just as bad as anyone right now. I actually saw Leonard (Little) coming up the field hard, and it's no secret that that's what he does. I tried to step up, to buy a little time, maybe find a little crease ... I felt some pressure on the back, and that's when Little reached around and got me with his hand."

On his 35 career come-from-behind victories
"I mean, come-from-behind victories are great. They feel good. Had we won that game, or at least tied it up ... this place was electric as it was."

On lack of recent comebacks
"You're right, I have had a lot of comebacks, but we haven't had too many lately, and that's very disappointing, because I know what we're capable of."

On the importance of team chemistry
"You can call the best plays in the league, from an offensive standpoint, and the best coverages to give you the best opportunity to win, but if you're not playing together, completely, it's going to be much more difficult, and I think that's where we are right now."

On losing the football

"I was just trying to make something happen. When I'm going down I have to have two hands on the ball. I just have to have two hands on the ball, that's football. A turnover's big, the moral of the story is when I'm going down, put two hands on the ball."

On if a game like this in which could have been won is tougher to handle:
"Yeah, it's tough. It's big. We had it in our hands. We have to go back to the drawing board and get it right. There will definitely be a bad taste in our mouth, but we have to get it fixed and we're going to get it fixed."

On how it felt to gain over 100 yards rushing

"It was nice, but I'd exchange a victory for it. It's always a good career mark but at the same time, you want to win. Individual stats don't even matter when you get a loss."

On the holes the offensive line opened up
"It was a credit to the O-line. They played great. Week to week they are getting better and better and it's really starting to show. The holes are starting to get bigger and the timing between the backs and line are coming together."

On how disappointing of a loss it was when he had a big game
"It's disappointing. We're so close right now as a team. It's another game we felt we should have won and we let it slip away. The pressure's on us as players to perform and get the win. The game plans are great, we've been executing them almost to win, but that's what we got to do."

On if a certain group could have stepped up and won the game

"At times I thought all three phases played well enough to win the game. But in the end, all three phases again didn't make the plays necessary. Each unit had an opportunity to make a big play. I'm not going to single those particular big plays out, but each unit had a chance to do that. We didn't do that as a team. In the end, all three phases at times played well enough to win and at times we didn't. That's the reality of it."

On how you regroup in this conference after another loss
"You keep trying. You keep swinging. I've said it before; it's a 16 round fight. We put ourselves in quite a hole here, but you keep taking one game at a time and that's what we're going to do."

On how each game this season has been decided by one possession

"We have had some emotional roller coaster type games and they are all like that in this league and we just have to hang in there and play every play. Fortunately for us, we have been able to come out on the better end."

On defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy
"I think Jimmy played very well. I saw him in the backfield a couple of times. He has such a high standard of how he wants to play. He won't let it be an excuse, but I know his hand injury has limited him. So he decided that he would just use his power and his ability to get up the field. I saw a new spark in him this game."

On the first half penalties "We didn't handle the first half very well as a team. We kept them on the field on defense with some penalties on third down. We backed up on offense two or three plays in a row. I think a lot of it was just being a little over anxious. We aren't going to use anything as an excuse, but you play on the road and sometimes those kinds of things happen. We can't allow that to happen because good teams don't allow that to happen. We settled down and eliminated those penalties for the most part in the second half."

On the efficiency of quarterback Marc Bulger
"Marc is playing smart and hanging in there good. He is an NFL quarterback doing exactly what we expect out of him. He is good with the ball; he is directing our running game, and managing the clock. I am just really happy with him."

On his streak of passes without an interception

"It is nice, but I have been fortunate a couple of times, even today. If you are going to have that many in a row in the NFL, you are obviously going to have some breaks. I just try to protect the ball and play safe. We aren't fumbling the ball either. It's not just me."

On being in sole possession of first place
"It is so early, just five games in. Seattle has been our rival the last four or five years and they are going to be tough. They have that offense and their defense has been getting better every year. They are the division champs and it is up to us to unseat them."

On his fourth quarter sack of Brett Favre

"We ran an ‘Isaac' stunt and I came wrapping around La'Roi Glover. I am not sure who caused the fumble, but it looked like he dropped it before I hit him."

On the Rams success this season in forcing turnovers
"It is just a different mentality. We want to leave it on the field every time we get the chance to."

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