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Here are comments from Packers fans, following Green Bay's 23-20 loss to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday. E-mail your thoughts on the Packers after each game to managing editor Todd Korth at Reaction to the Action is posted the day after each Packers game.

Give Rodgers a chance to play,
Another Favre fumble, another lost game. I've never seen another NFL quarterback have so much trouble holding onto the ball. The O-line is playing very good, but Favre is still scared back there.

The season is probably over, so why not start Rodgers? It's great to see the O-line come together and Greg Jennings becoming a star but it would be nice to win some games. I guess I'll have to give Morency the nickname "fumbler", like I did with Ahman Green. Dropped interceptions also hurt us.

We are obviously the best 1-4 team out there but that doesn't say much. This season isn't as pathetic as last year's under Sherman. We have a lot of young guys this year. Our best chance to win another Super Bowl was the playoff game Sherman blew against Philadelphia a few years ago. I don't really have a problem with McCarthy or Thompson, the young guys are here. LET THE KIDS PLAY!

Steve,, Detroit, MI

Put this loss on the Packers' veterans
Pinch me! Wake me up from this ongoing nightmare! I fully expected the team to have bad games but this loss hurt a lot. Can't blame a young team for this loss. As in the past, it's the veterans that are screwing up big time. Let's see .... now wasn't Harris unhappy during the off season? Didn't he and his agent feel he deserved more money? Thank God we didn't pony up that money because it would have been grand larceny on his part. These veterans are stealing from the fans and the organization every week by collecting a paycheck. I can't believe what I'm seeing!

If we lost in overtime that would be tough ... but to just hand these games to the other team is ridiculous! I agree Brett makes mistakes, but golly he threw some good passes that the receivers just blew!

If it weren't for bad luck we'd have no luck at all! Can it get any more dismal than a Favre fumble, another loss, mounting injuries, and a 1 year suspension for Robinson?

Ingrid Adams,, Jefferson, WI

They can't count to 11? The coaching has been poor
Dear Todd:
Yesterday's loss to St. Louis was another clear showing that Mike McCarthy does not have the experience or the smarts to run an NFL game plan! Now let's be clear the players are not without fault - Morency's fumbles, Al Harris' dropped interception, big plays from the St Louis offense, missed field goals by Rayner, etc. However let's look at the most basic of coaching fundamentals.

It started with the MNF game against Philly. Twice the Pack had 10 men on the field! This is clearly a coach's inability to successfully substitute and perhaps even count to 11. Yesterday's game, the same thing happened, only this time it happened 3 times! Twice the Packers had 12 men on the field and once 10 men. It's clear that the McCarthy has either no control over his staff, assembled a bunch of idiots for assistants, or the staff is just not up for the job! Ted Thompson issued an example or warning to all players when he cut Ahmad Carroll. I wish he would do the same with the coaching staff by firing the defensive coordinator and the recycled Kurt Schottenheimer. Carroll was fired for making mistakes but it appears you can make errors week in and week out as long as you are not a player but part of the "Green Bay Good Ole Boy" network! I am deeply concerned with the fact the coaching staff cannot count to 11 yet they are entrusted to develop such talent as A.J. Hawk and Greg Jennings.

If McCarthy does nothing with this abysmal staff, then let's hope Thompson does what Ron Wolf did when he hired Ray Rhodes. Wolf admitted his mistake and after once season Rhodes was gone. Perhaps Thompson will make the same adjustment.

Michael Fosso,, Manchester, CT

Packers are running out of excuses
The coaches are running out of excuses. The offense executed well, but cough up the ball, and that is how you lose games. As a 16-year veteran Favre needs to protect the ball better. Good job on taking Morency out of the game, you cannot fumble the football.

During the bye week, it is time to give Kurt Schottenheimer his walking papers, and time to promote Lionel Washington. It is also obvious that Bob Sanders is over his head as defensive coordinator. There is nothing we can do about it now. We need to go in a different direction defensively and bring someone new from a winning organization. And let them revamp our defense.

Am I the only one looking forward toward the 2007 NFL draft? Can we say Adrian Peterson?

Good luck Packers, and enjoy the bye week.

Lou,, Coral Springs, FL

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