What the Dolphins are saying

Press conference transcripts from coach Nick Saban, wide receiver Chris Chambers

On Brett Favre: "The guy's had a fantastic career, but he's still playing at a very high level. They've (Green Bay) moved the ball effectively. I think he is certainly the catalyst for that in terms of being a smart player and gets them in the right plays. He's a gunslinger type in terms of making plays that most people sometimes wouldn't even attempt to make and he seems to be able to make them. He's done that for a long time. He still has the capacity and capability to do it. We have a tremendous amount of respect for him."

On if the bye week adds urgency to win against Green Bay: "That doesn't have anything to do with it. We're playing these games one game at a time. We want to win every game we play. Every game is important. What's important in the bye week, we're going to work on and try to get better, improve and get ready for the rest of what we have to do. The sooner we win the better. The calendar doesn't have anything to do with it. What's between your ears does."

On the status of team injuries: "Marty (Booker) practiced all the way through. Travis (Daniels) did not finish practice. Andre Goodman was able to finish practice. Michael Lehan was able to finish. (Justin) Peelle was able to finish. (Derrick) Pope was able to finish. Wes Welker was not able to finish and Kevin Carter – they didn't participate. We feel like they will be ok in short order, but until they get out there and are able to do it, it's never for sure."

On Wes Welker's injury: "He got kicked in the calf in the game (against the Jets). It really wasn't an issue until it got some swelling in it. It's more of a bruise than anything else. I think getting that swelling down will enable him to do what he needs to do." On how the team's inability to score many points in the first half affects the team's ability to run the offense: "We have to start the game with the same sense of urgency that we have ended a couple of games with when we have to score and we're out there playing to win late in the game. To me, we should be starting the game that way trying to get ahead. It seems like people say, ‘You have a better sense of urgency when you go no huddle. You have a better sense of urgency when you go red ball or whatever it is.' That needs to be our sense of urgency all the time. We need to start the game that way. We need to start the game on defense, whether it's three and out, starting the second half, getting off the field, whatever the circumstances are. I just think we have to have a better sense of urgency all the time in terms of even setting goals by what we want to accomplish early in the games. That has been sort of an issue, and even in this past game, when we move the ball effectively, we ended up stopping ourselves. We have to get those things corrected, but I also think we have to have an expectation that we're going to get it done right off the bat. It's important, and we can't be thinking, ‘Well, we have time to do it, we'll do it the next time.' We have to play that play, focus on what's happening right now and get ready to roll."

On Mike Mularkey's work as the offensive coordinator and if he has considered a change: "Mike's worked very hard, and I think the offensive staff has worked very hard. I think we've actually made improvement. I think in the last couple of games, we've moved the ball. We aren't scoring the points we need to make to score, especially early in the games like was mentioned here. That's something that we have to focus on and do, but I think it's all of our responsibilities to try to fix that. I think that we're more interested in trying to develop solutions to help us get better, and if we knew making a change would make it better, we'd probably do it. But I don't feel that that's what we need to do right now. I think when we look at what we're doing, I think when the players look at what we're doing, I think they see that we can have success if we'll go do it the right way. I think that needs to be the point of emphasis for us right now, and I think we're all responsible to find a better way. That's going to be our approach."

On the type of impact Marcus Vick will have on the team short-term: "Marcus has just been doing a really good job out there in practice every day. He's very athletic. We like him. It was right down to the wire as to whether he would make the team or wouldn't make the team to start with. Each day, he's out there running scout team against the defense and has just gotten better, better, and better. We just felt like we may have even done this last had Marty (Booker) not been hurt. Cliff Russell had a little more experience, so this gave us a little bit more time to make this adjustment and get him ready. He also gives us a little depth at punt return, not that we'll utilize him in any other ways immediately. There are things that he can do on special teams and other areas that gives us a little bit more flexibility, especially with some of the injuries that we have right now."

On how Vick has responded since joining the team following a tumultuous time at Virginia Tech: "He's done a really good job. We're really proud of what he's done. Obviously, he needs to continue to do that, and we want to support him to do that. We think the guy can be a good player, and if he can keep moving in the right direction and continuing to develop, hopefully he'll be an impact player for us sometime in the near future."

On if he expects Vick to play Sunday: "We're not sure of that right now. There are a lot of question marks we have with various players, two receivers, a couple of DBs and all who would have something to do with special teams."

On if there is a need to address the frustration expressed by Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas this past Sunday: "No, those guys are leaders on the team. What we'd like for the leadership to do is to affect the other players on the team in a positive way. That's what leaders do. That's what I need to do. That's what the coaching staff needs to do. That's what the leaders on the team need to do. Those guys are great competitors. I understand their frustration. I respect it, but what they have done on the field in no way has ever shown any disrespect for any of the players here. They have been very supportive. I think at the end of the game and during the game, they did a lot to demonstrate their enthusiasm, their energy, their leadership, which really impacted the team in a positive way. I know what kind of competitors those guys are. That's one of the reasons that you want to do well as a coach for your team is because of guys like that and what it means to them. Sometimes, it's hard for guys like that to understand if it doesn't seem to mean that much to somebody else, but I think it means a lot to a lot of our players. We just have to get the confidence to go do it and play with confidence on a more consistent basis."

On what teams are doing to limit Chris Chambers' production: "I don't really see anything so far in particular. I just think we have to do a better job of trying to get him the ball. He has been catching balls, but we haven't been making the plays down the field. We did try a couple of plays down the field to him in the last game. We didn't get it up to him for whatever reasons. Chris is doing a good job, and we're going to continue to work that and get the kind of matchups where we can make big plays with him because he has that ability and that's something we need to do a better job of."

On Chambers not getting the ball in the first half: "I just think we need to do a better job of getting him the ball, I really do. It's his responsibility to make himself available, but it's our responsibility to help him to be able to do that relative to what they're playing and how they're doing it and what we need to do to adjust and adapt to it to be able to do it."

On what his message is to the team this week: "We're four games under .500. We were four games under .500 last year. We have an opportunity to turn it around, but it's everybody's responsibility to do this. Everybody has to change a little bit. Everybody has to have a little better sense of urgency. Start the game a little better. Play for 60 minutes. Focus on the next play. All the things that we talk about all the time, we have to do better. We have to do a better job of executing. We're all responsible for that. I take responsibility for it, but right now, we have to play with confidence and we have to have confidence and trust in each other and go play better and we can get this turned around. We have more games to win than what we had last year, but right now, we have to get a positive attitude about what we're trying to do with some positive energy, so that we can get it turned around and play with consistency. I've talked to the team a lot about we played good football in parts of games and in some games against some pretty decent teams and then not done the same thing against other teams. There's really no excuse for that. We're responsible to be consistent all the time. We need to get that done, and I need to impact that some kind of way."

On if he learned anything from last year's turnaround that he can use this season: "I think that a lot of the same issues were occurring last year and I think if we're going to change, we're going to have to change some of the things just like we changed last year. More guys are going to have to buy in to what we need to do to be successful on a consistent basis and go do it in a game. I think we have good enough players to do it. That's all I can say."

On Olindo Mare: "Olindo's done a good job kicking off. He obviously had two kicks in the last two games – one was in the sandbox and it affected him a little bit. The last one would have been a hell of a kick if he would have made it. For the most part we're really pleased with him and we just want him to be positive and to continue to get better and have the confidence he needs to make the kicks that we need him to make in the future."

On if Mare has to be like a relief pitcher and forget a blown save: "I think so. I think you have to focus on the next play and be technical about what you have to do to hit it good to make the next one."

On if he can tell when a guy is not buying into the system: "Buying in means buying into each other – trusting, believing, playing with confidence, playing with the intensity you need to play with, executing, and believing in doing it right. It's frustrating a little bit that when we do it right we make 30 yards and when we do it wrong we can't make six inches, on the same play, against the same defense. You tell me what that is. It's something in sports that we all try to get – the perfection and execution that we'd like to get. That's what we have to work towards."

On if the Dolphins' problems are mental, physical or technical: "A lot of it is. It's everybody's choice, to focus and do the things they need to do. I'm not sure that players come off the field much and say they didn't know. I think the coaches do a good job of trying to correct them and I think we make improvements. I think this team has improved. We are going to continue to work to improve. I just think we have to get over the hump and win a game."

On how fast the team's confidence can turn: "I think winning a game would be the big thing for these guys right now because everybody's so result oriented in this world that it doesn't make any difference how well you play, if you don't win, it doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter. Everybody gets criticized and I think it has some effect on guys' confidence but if they win and get on a roll, the same thing can happen in a positive way. We're going to work hard to try to get there. We've had our opportunities certainly, in just about every game we've played whether we need to start a little better whether we need to finish a little bit better, we just need to do it better for 60 minutes in a game."


On Brett Favre and his persona in the state of Wisconsin: "It's great. They love him up there. They support him like no other. It's great for him to still be out there and playing for those guys."

On if he watched Favre when he was at the University of Wisconsin: "Sporadically, but not really. It was about the Badgers when I was there."

On how much the ability to get him the ball early in the game depends on what is done prior to the game and what strategies the defenses implement: "A little bit of both. I think with the way the Jets did it, once Marty (Booker) was out, they kind of kept more coverage toward me and Randy's (McMichael) side and gave Derek (Hagan) the one-on-one coverage so we tried to take advantage of a few things. He had a couple of opportunities that I know he wished he had back, but I thought he played good for the most part, but as far as me getting going early, it's something we've been talking about for a while. I don't know how many touches I got overall, but one early, then not getting one in the fourth quarter, it's kind of hard to stay in the game, then we have to go out there and try to win the game. It's important to get going early in the game. The coaches know that. There's nothing I have to go ‘rah- rah' about. They know what they have to do, and they are going to make the changes."

On how much he's being doubled-teamed or bracketed each game: "I think it's more week-to-week, depending on what teams play and how they their lines are set. Some teams can't afford to leave two safeties back there and do that to us. Last week, the Jets were able to do that and go over the top, but other guys – Randy (McMichael) had eight catches. The other guys had six, seven catches. Those guys have more opportunities, and once teams start finding out we have other guys that can make plays, I'll have the chance to go in there and make some myself."

On what kind of scheme Green Bay's secondary uses: "A lot of man-to-man, a lot of press. Those guys that they got – Al Harris, Charles Woodson. They pay those guys a lot of money to go out there and cover man-to-man, so that's what we expect. That's what they've been doing. That's the M.O. They are a good defense. They've been giving up big plays, so that's why they have their current ranking. For the most part, they are a good defense. They are fast. They are kind of in the same situation that we are in as far as offense having more talent than what we are showing on the field."

On if the miscues in execution are a result of players pressing too hard because they want to win so badly: "No, you want to go out there and win anyway, but you try to be relaxed. I think last week was more of a snowball thing. There was one here, one there, little bit of bleeding, and then we couldn't stop it for a little while. Once we made the plays, everybody kind of got up on that. It's something we have to do earlier. We have to have that same attitude."

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