Point of no returns

If all eyes are on the return game, they didn't see much Saturday night in Green Bay's 20-13 loss at Philly. The Packers' preseason opener didn't answer many questions for special teams as high hopes for big returns sputtered at the gate.<p>

Darrien Gordon, the free-agent pick up who led the NFC in punt return yardage last year for Atlanta, will have to wait til next week to make a splash.

Gordon tallied a one-yard return and Ferguson had a fair catch Saturday night.

When asked to run down the team's remaining question marks, Packer GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman listed the return game as a remaining "gray" area.

"We're still looking for a punt returner, not that Gordon did anything poor today, or Ferguson, it's just not a solid position just yet, and kick returner, I don't think we've answered those questions yet," Sherman said.

The Packers fared better on kickoffs, with Herbert "Whisper" Goodman running back two for 46 yards. Rookie Tony Fisher, impressive as a backup running back, chipped in a 22-yard KO return and Robert Ferguson had one kickoff return for 11 yards.

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