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Here are some letters received this week by PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth:

Sounds like Favre will be back next season
I've heard Brett remarks on the whole Koren Robinson thing and when he said he hopes he is still in Green Bay next year, and that he wishes that Koren was around earlier in Brett's career. I think Brett is coming back next year. With Koren, Donald, and Greg at wide receivers and who knows how good Ruvell, and Chris might be? The o-line can only get better. I think that there are a lot of positive things to look for. Of course, I think that this year can still be a good one for the Packers. I still think that 10-6 is still within reach. What do you think the chase's of Brett coming back next year are?

John, a1cheesehead@aol.com, upstate New York

I think Favre will be playing football next season, but I'm not so sure it will be in Green Bay. I would think Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy are anxious to get Aaron Rodgers on the field.

Packers coaches need to improve
Great to see that our GM is doing a great job of helping the team. You can say all you want about how Sherman didn't get the right players for the Packers, but at least he didn't get players that were going to be suspended before he even got to play one year for the Pack.

The coaches have to learn to make adjustments as soon as they realize that what their doing is not working. From what I've seen our defensive coaches are not up to the task handed to them. It's time to put these coaches on notice, shape up or be prepared to be let go! I'll never understand how a coach who couldn't get it done before is back with the team.

To Coach McCarthy: Why on earth, if you want to be a successful head coach, would you hire coaches who have been let go, because they couldn't get the job done before? I'm glad the team looks better, but I see a terrible record at the end, and I blame it on the coaches – period – as they seem to have their head up in the air.

Joe Kempski, animal70@att.net, New Jersey

Packers better off with Favre than Rodgers
Ok, I will be also utter those blasphemous words too - cut Lombardi!

Is this guy serious? If Rodgers had shown enough in practice he would already be the starter. We have watched the practices, mini-camps and some game time and I can tell you his level of ability is far below Brett Favre. Even Holmgren has stated a QB needs to stay on the sideline for three years before being thrown into the fire as a starter.

So putting the new guy out there will benefit the Packers? I suppose as Lombardi has already pre-determined the outcome of the season, they may as well simply forfeit and save all the players from potential injury! Of course that is ludicrous as is trading Favre.

It is time to stop writing for splash headlines and start dealing with reality. Favre IS the Packers' best chance at winning, whether or not they have the record Lombardi wants or not. It is entirely possible that Favre is hoping to salvage out this season at 8-8, and come back next year. He may want another run at a Super Bowl and wants to do it with the Packers. Who knows? But we know that Lombardi doesn't! I would love to see Lombardi hash these thoughts over with Thompson and McCarthy, just to see how long it would take them to roll their eyes and walk away from the conversation!

So, please, put a cork in "Lombardi on Favre". I am sure that many Green Bay fans have concluded that he is writing about football as he has not been able to function in football successfully. After all, I am still looking for his head coaching resume. I doubt we will find it in my lifetime given his actual football coaching ability. He needs to get serious. He is already eating his words about the offensive line. This guy has no clue!

I think he is writing just to hear his head rattle!

Mike K., docrock376@new.rr.com, Green Bay, WI

The Packers need Favre - period
I am tired of reading articles about starting Rodgers over Favre. As a life-long Packers fan living in the heart of Viqueen country, I want them to play the best players. I want the best team management we can get, including the coaching. This is about winning now, not later.

Can anyone guarantee that Rodgers will lead us to the next Super Bowl? No, of course not. It's about putting the best 11 players on the field at any given situation. Given that, you then need team leaders that can raise the level of play of everyone else. This to me is the biggest reason we find a way to lose. There is only one person on the team that I see leading the "Pack" and it's Brett Favre, not the coaches or any other player. He raises the level of play on both sides of the ball. I think he also makes the coaches look better than they are. In talent and leadership Favre is the best we have on the Packers. What we need is more team leaders like Favre, not losing the only leader we have.

Randy, Spidey61@charter.net, Minneapolis, MN

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