Mike's Remarks

Comments from Mike McCarthy after Green Bay's win over Miami


On the Packers win coming off of a bye week: "This is a tremendous team win for us, especially coming off the bye week. We had a chance in the bye week to go through some corrections. It's nice to see when you emphasize key components of successful football come to life. The turnovers by our defense today were huge. I just thought the adversity – the changing of momentum, either maintaining the momentum or getting it back was an emphasis for our football team. I thought that played a big part in our success today – to come down here in the heat and have the defense out there in 85-plus plays. I thought it was an excellent team win. I'm very pleased with the victory."

On the Packers pass defense making three interceptions: "Turnover ratio has been a problem for us, as a football team, particularly offense, we've had too many giveaways and that was a major emphasis for us coming into the football game. Defense did a great job stepping up to the plate."

On the decision to make Chad Clifton inactive: "It came all the way to the hour and a half when we have to hand in the inactives. He was sick through the night. At breakfast today we were hopeful that he would take a couple of IVs and be ready to go, but he came over on the second bus and that was not the case. He was very ill. It was a last minute."

On if Clifton is sick from food poisoning or the flu: "I think it is the flu."

On what happened on the review of the Donald Driver touchdown: "I never saw a replay. They do a good job of holding the replay from us up top. Donald said he had it. A lot of times there's emotion involved in those decisions. He assured me he had it. Donald Driver's the one who wanted it. I clearly went off of his recommendation."

On if he felt like he needed to 7-points on the David Martin touchdown: "It was important for us to get points on that drive. It was important for us to stay on the field as an offense. Our defense was on the field way too much during the third quarter. The two, three and out series for us really hindered our defense because it was accompanied by long drives by the Dolphins on offense. It was important for us to change the field position and stay on the field. I thought we did a good job of running pass-mix. Brett (Favre) did a really good job against some run, pass options that he made very good decisions on, particularly the big third down to Chris Francis. From an offensive standpoint that was clearly the biggest drive of the game."

On if the team got a sense of urgency on the Martin drive: "We talked a lot about momentum because momentums change during the game. It's important to be able to maintain it or get it back. There was a particular point in the game where, 27-24, momentum was starting to swing in Miami's way. That was a big drive for us."

On if good zone blocking was used on Ahman Green's 7-yard run: "That's what you're looking for. You're looking for the 3, 4, 5 yards in the first, second, third quarter and that's when he's going to come out the back door. That's a great illustration. They did very well blocking. He made a clean read. He does such an exceptional job of finishing runs. That's what you're looking for."

On what the Packers did to neutralize Miami's pass-rush defense: "The match-up with Jason Taylor is a concern coming into the game. He's clearly the impact player on that defense. We made some adjustments with the personnel changes that we had on the offensive line. Frankly, the first one wasn't very good. That was a product of the sack and fumble. That's my fault. I thought the adjustments that we made held up over the next three quarters. I'm very happy for the young guys particularly in the pass-protection unit and the run-blocking unit because of what they battled. They overcame adversity early and did a nice job for four quarters."

On if Daryn Colledge settled down or did he give him help: "A combination of probably both. We had three position changes because of one inactive. I think it was a matter of settling down. Jason (Taylor) is an impact player and we did help him some."

On the progress of Charles Woodson in the game against Miami: "His interception return was huge for us. It really kicked off the second half. Charles – I think you're seeing the whole group back there getting more comfortable. We're very pleased with the way the defense played as a whole, including Charles."

On if Charles Woodson was a game-time decision: "He practiced Friday. He took a all the snaps on Friday. He felt good at the snack (bar) last night. It wasn't a concern."

On if Green Bay did anything special to prepare for the heat in Miami: "I don't think you really can prepare for this heat. We went inside and turned the heaters on and everything, but I can assure you it's nothing like it was out there today. Our guys did a great job taking care of their bodies and hydrating all week. We rolled a lot of people in there, particularly defense. Defense was on the field for a lot of snaps today – it's a credit to their character for the way they pushed through."

On how important it was for the veteran players to step up: "Our veterans needed to step up for our football team to be successful. We said that coming into the season. Our season really is going to determine how our veteran players play. We do have some young guys. We're pleased with the young guys, the way they're coming along and the way they're performing. I thought it was important for our veterans to step up and they did today."

On what was the difference in the second half: "The two drives in the red zone – I was struggling with some of the protection concerns that I had in the play calling. I think it affected the rhythm of those two drives. That's a big part of offensive football. They made plays too. That's a good defense. That's a well coached football team. They challenged us schematically. They challenged you from a technique standpoint. They have good veteran football players. That's a dangerous football team. We had a lot of respect for the Dolphins coming in here today."

On what the win means to the confidence of the football team: "It means a lot. We've been talking about this football team having the opportunity to be a good football team. We've had a number of areas that we've improved on throughout the season – improvement doesn't always equate to wins. For this football team to grow, we need to be successful. Today was an illustration of that. I think you see guys finally cashing in all the effort and preparation they're putting forth. That's what you want as a football team."

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