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Post-game comments from Favre, Woodson, Barnett, Green and Driver


Did the protection get better after the first quarter? "Well it obviously got a little bit better. I don't know if it could have gotten worse at that point. Cliffy goes out right before the game and you're playing one of the premier pass rushers in the game which is difficult with any offensive line. We still had to try to stick to our game plan as much as possible. Of course they knew that Cliffy was out they could move him around and they knew that we would try to load up on that side. He's a heck of a player and he's going to make those plays but you don't want to make it any easier."

Is the offense getting any better?: Without watching the film I would say no. We won the game and I think that says a lot about what type of team we can be. We just never got in a rhythm but yet we won the game. We hung in there and there's a lot to be said for that but as for where we go in crunch time, I don't really have a feel for that. Both teams were struggling coming into the game and I still say that both teams are struggling coming out of it. We have a long way to go. I'm pleased but we still have a long ways to go."

About the TD to Donald Driver: "I was sitting over there, and I hate to be negative, but I said that there was no way that they were going to overturn this. I didn't know if he caught it or not, but they all swear that they caught the ball. So usually, and I think everyone in here knows this, it's hard for them to overturn what their initial call is. So I'm thinking it's difficult enough for us to throw touchdowns right now, and very difficult to win, and on top of that to try to get a call overturned, I thought was nothing more than a miracle, but they overturned it."

About the heat today: "It's no different that playing in Green Bay when it's cold. We played Jacksonville up there a couple of years ago and got beat when it was three below. It affects you only if you let it. Was I tired, absolutely, was I cramping, yes. I'm sure that they were too but you prepare for it. You know what it's going to be like and you don't let it affect you. It's a factor only if you let it be. I picked this game to have a 14 yard run and I was tired but I probably should be doing more of that to be honest with you."


About his TD that was challenged: "Oh yeah, I knew it was a touchdown. When I got up I was already screaming because I looked at the ref and he said it was incomplete. And I just ran towards Mike and told him to throw the flag! I already knew it was a touchdown. My elbow hit the ground, not the ball. Mike wanted to make sure I caught the ball, and I was telling him, if I tell you something, believe me. I caught it. And he trusted in me, and threw the flag. Brett (Favre) and Ruvell (Martin) had trust in me from the beginning, so there were a few others on the field who thought I caught it as well. I wasn't alone, and I was happy about that."

Great game today: "I got some great opportunities. The last few weeks, the teams were doubling up their coverage on me, and these guys decided they wanted to play man to man. And, you know, when teams play me man to man, I start smiling! That's what's when I knew I was going to light the place up."

Lots of big plays: "Oh yeah, that's what we had to do. We had to step up and make the big plays. We said that before we took our bye week, that this was something we needed to do. Ahman's run was definitely the biggest play of the game."

"I was tired before my big play; I was on my way to the sidelines, and my receivers' coach, Jimmy, kept screaming get in there, get in there. I saw the coverage before Brett (Favre) saw him, so I got in there and just took the ball from him. I realized I had to make a move, and once I made the move, I knew they wouldn't catch me once I got around that corner."

On Favre's first touchdown pass in South Florida: "I didn't know that, but we'll take it! We'll take it all day long. He loves to have fun. When you have a guy like that on your team, even though he's played for 16 years, he's still having fun out there. And that makes me want to go out there and play my heart out for him."


On big plays today by a few players: "That's what we are supposed to do. That's our job. Running for the first down, or catching a big pass over the middle for a first down are things we need to be doing. It doesn't have to be a touchdown, but it just so happens that today it was a touchdown for Brett (Favre), Donald (Driver), Charles Woodson, and myself. It's a good thing that all that happening.

"These guys have been busting their butt's since day one of training camp getting the scheme down and all. And now you are starting to see it blossom. And that's all we want; myself, Noah (Herron) and Vernand (Morency), that's what we want to see. With plays like that, us running backs have the speed to take it to the house."

On his big play today: "Originally I was going to cut to the left, but it was a play to stretch it all the way or if you see a gap, hit it. The O-line covered their guys, and it was just one on one. I felt good, I feel good about it. I just told myself, just one leg at a time. And I hit the sidelines, and I saw where he was at, and I realized that he took a bad angle, and I knew I could get him."

On adjusting during the game: "That's what we do, we're pros. We adjust to the game as it goes, and so do they. It was tough in the first quarter, when (Daryn) Colledge came in. He did his best job against all-pros. They beat him a couple of times, but once we got in there, we started helping him out, he got his bearings back and started to hold the blocks against him."

On young guys on the team: "It's a great experience for them to come out and play. With Daryn (Colledge) coming in and starting for Chad (Clifton), it gives him confidence. It started off kind of rough, but it definitely got better."

On how he feels about team's performance: "I feel good about it. I knew it was going to come one day, this one game, where we get a big run. Those guys up front, the O-line, they give 110%, in practice. Do they mess up? Yeah, they're human, but we all are. But they don't give up. They cut guys, they get yelled at, but the keep cutting guys. They keep going out there and they don't give up; that's what you want to see. If they have a bad game, they just get right back on their feet and fight back."

On his personal milestone (50th career rushing TD): "It feels good, but it's just a number. It's a bonus, in terms when you win, and everyone plays well. And like I said before, those guys up front, Brett (Favre), and the way he passed the ball today, it all worked out. If you have a good passing day, other things just fall into place. And when you mix in the run, it makes it hard for the opposing team to adjust from one to the other. So with that, and finding the gaps, I mean they can be kind of tight sometimes, but every now and then we can find them and get 8 or 9 yards, or maybe the big one of 70, like today, and take it to the end zone."


On defending against TE Randy McMichael:"We focused all week on trying to stop (Randy) McMichael. He can create some match up problems. You have to credit the outside linebackers and DBs for limiting him."

On if the heat affected him today: "I haven't been this hot in a while…. Maybe when we were in Arizona. We put the heaters on in practice and tried to simulate the heat, but there's no comparison with the sun beating down on you. We hydrated all week to prepare."

On Green Bay's run defense: "We have a pretty good run defense. They did break one (running) big play against us, but that was about it. We forced them to throw the ball."


On his sack in the game: "I really didn't think it was going to come open. They had a guy back there in the backfield, I thought he was going to block me and I don't know if he thought the quarterback was going to step up in the pocket, but it kind of just opened up and I got the sack."

On his pickoff that went back for a touchdown: "It felt good. Its been a long time since I've been in the end zone. It's one of those things that can change the momentum of the game and coming out in the second half we wanted to go out and establish ourselves and make something happen. It just so happen I was able to come up with it."

On his touchdown being the momentum changer: "You need those throughout the course of the game. I'm just blessed to be the guy to start it off and after that, guys just began to rally. Big play from Ahman, big play from Dondald Driver. That catch in the end zone, David Martin, that's one of the greatest catches I've seen in a long time and it worked out for us today."

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