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Fans offer their thoughts after Green Bay's win over Dolphins

Don't get too excited over Woodson
Mr. Korth,
So glad to see a Packer win this week! Considering it was against the Dolphins, it was still a little too close for comfort. But any win is a great win, especially this year.

To all those fans who now think they have seen the real Charles Woodson, don't hold your breath. It's like the blind squirrel theory - even they find a nut sometimes! Woodson is a chump - always has been, always will be! That the Packers chose to overpay a has-been like him is just amazing to me. The only reason he has gotten any publicity in his professional career is because he has always played on second rate teams which makes any positive actions appear larger than they truly are. This is a guy who couldn't even make it back to a parade held in his honor in the city that he grew up in because he didn't get enough sleep the night before and he was too tired. Chump!

Leslie,, Green Springs, OH

Thumbs up to offense, but defense giving up too many big plays
After watching the Packers vs Dolphins game on Sunday, I have to say that the future is promising. I went to the game it was extremely hot, but had a good time watching the Packers win.

The offense is starting to show improvement. McCarthy showed that he can make adjustments and it helped contain Jason Taylor after those two sacks on Favre. The defense was average. I am still calling for the dismissal of the defensive staff at season's end. A.J. Hawk is a tackling machine, and under the right coaching he could end up being something special. I hope Woodson builds on his Sunday play, and shows the same consistency every Sunday, because the Packers didn't pay $10 mill for one TD. The defense did give up some big plays to a pathetic offenses.

Now if we could just win at home in Lambeau.

Lou,, Coral Springs FL

Pass defense still needs lots of help
I'm glad your prediction was wrong and I'm grateful we won, BUT, How does the defense give up 414 yards to Joey Harrington???? How does the head coach say "I'm very happy with the victory." He should get down on his knees and thank God for the victory.

If the defense didn't get those interceptions, we probably would have given up over 500 yards passing. The pass defense has to get way better than it is, or the coach of the defensive backs has to be let go. We're getting worse, not better. They can't be giving up these kind of yards and expect the team to win. With the players we have in the backfield, there's no way we should be giving up those kinds of yards. I guess we'll see when they play the AZ Cardinals.

Joe Kempski,, N.J.

Winning is all that matters
Hey Todd,
Great win for the Pack on Sunday, good effort!!! The bottom line in the NFL is if you win, fans won't complain for the most part and the GM & Coaches & Players can get away with stupid mistakes & decisions.

Packers win, so you don't hear about the draft picks that aren't developing or where bad, or free agents that suck, 10 or 12 men on the field, which happened again on Sunday, or how young the team is, or about when Brett is going to be replaced by Mr. Rodgers, when he is retiring, or as of last month traded for draft picks. Most of all you don't have to read (Not All)…but many stupid dumb-butt articles, especially from national writers, or from Sunday morning wannabe QB's.

Thompson's last year, free agents sucked, draft picks were so-so, and only Collins played and did anything. It could be argued that he played better last year, and taking the guard situation so unimportant by letting Wahle go etc, etc, etc. You won't hear about it…. Just Win Baby….!!!!! And you won't hear about!!!! That's why Wolf when asked why he is signing so many free agents (HE JUST DIDN'T USE THE DRAFT) why are you doing this? WOLF said "IT'S SIMPLE, I WANT TO WIN QUICK!!!!!!! So Thompson JUST WIN AND QUICK !!!!!!!!

Jan Mandel,, Phoenix, AZ

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