Marques Anderson's training camp diary

Editor's note: Rookie defensive back Marques Anderson is providing his thoughts on training camp in the form of a diary for He will give updates on his diary as often as possible throughout his first camp with the Green Bay Packers.<p>

Anderson strained his left hamstring early in the Packers' first exhibition game against Philadelphia on Saturday. Here's what he had to say about his injury and how it occurred:

Aug. 12, 2002: "My hamstrings just started to cramp up a little bit. Instead of worsening the injury, the doctors decided to take a look at it. It happened on the first punt return. I felt both of my hamstrings tighten up. I had a couple of knots in them. Right now my (left) hamstring is just fatigued. It's just sore. I'm taking a couple days off, ice it and take care of it. I'll be back.

"In the time that I was in there in the first series (three plays), it went well. It was exciting. I was excited to be on the field playing against an opponent. I had a tackle on a receiver. For the past three weeks, we've been playing against each other, out here beating each other up.

"Right now with my injury, it's day to day. Hamstrings are real sensitive. I've got to wait until the soreness dies down because I don't want to further the injury, but I should be ready to go by Saturday (against the Arizona Cardinals).

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